Jim Crow amusement park in Israel features days for only Jewish students, days for only Palestinians

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More from the charm offensive called the only democracy in the Middle East. Superland is an amusement park in a city south of Tel Aviv. This story, first published in Hebrew, is translated here by Ronnie Barkan. (Haaretz also has it.):

Superland management did not allow Ajyal school in Jaffa to book tickets for its students, this is according to Khaled Accra, a school teacher, in a letter he submitted this week to the heads of the educational administration.

On Tuesday Shakra called the Superland and asked to find out the costs of a fun day for the students. “I wanted to book 25 tickets,” he said. “I was asked about the date and was told that the cost is 52 shekels a ticket.We agreed on June 18th and the clerk inquired which school is it for. I replied it was “Ajyal” and she said: ‘What?! What is it?! One moment please”.

“I waited a few minutes on hold and surprisingly it was another person on the line who asked how she may help. I told her that we already settled the date and that I booked the tickets. All of a sudden she said that the agreed date was not available. She suggested another date, I agreed but then a moment later she said it was also reserved. She then said that she will check for available dates and get back to me. 

“Shakra decided not to wait. Half an hour later he called the Superland again, introduced himself as Eyal, said that he was from a Jewish organization and asked whether he could reserve tickets for the group. “I got a positive response. The girl on the other end asked me ‘Which dates would you like to book? We have the 17th through the 19th of June available.’ I was shocked.”

Superland then issued a statement saying that in June it reserves some days for Jewish high school students, other days for Arab high school students.

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