‘If I had to choose between the wealth of the world and going home, I would go back’

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Palestinian filmaker Wafaa Aburahama packs a lot into this stirring 8 minute Nakba film, intertwining emotional testimony and educational narration and imagery. Halfway through is footage of refugee camps showing actual conditions inside these supposedly temporary communities. 

The testimony of centenarian Naifeh Abu Ayadah beginning at 5:25 ensures this little video will be viewed long into the future.

We were happy back then, our land was really beautiful and had big fortune. When you see our homeland you cry because of being away. If I had to choose between the wealth of the world and going back home I would go back to smell it. One grain of sand is better than all the money. If they ask me to go back I will crawl only to see it.

Aburahama is a refugee living in Gaza. An English language lecturer and translator, she is originally from Aqer village, Palestine.

(Hat tip Mondoweiss contributor Yousef M. Aljamal)

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