Newseum honors newsman who ran guns for ethnic cleansing of Palestine

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It’s not surprising that the Newseum has chosen to step back from honoring Palestinian journalists killed in the line of duty, given that the institution glorifies the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, Hasbara-style. On one of the top floors there’s a shrine to deceased Las Vegas Sun publisher and armer of Zionist militias Hank Greenspun – his family is one of the founding partners of the Newseum.

The shrine reports that Hank, who supposedly “had a celebrated career as a leading public advocate and crusader for justice,” ran guns to Zionist militias in the 1940s, in violation of the neutrality act. The text from the shrine’s not available online, but check out this Israel-biased report from his wife’s obit:

[Greenspun was] indicted by the federal government for shipping guns to the Middle East to help the Jewish state of Israel defend itself against the Arab armies, which attacked it following the United Nations’ partition in 1948.

The shrine portrays Greenspun’s gun-running as being as natural and heroic as Paul Revere’s actions. Of course, nowhere does the shrine (or anything in the museum) say what those guns were used for: the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, aka the Nakba.

So what does this museum dedicated to “neutral” and “unbiased” journalism say (or not say) about the state of our media’s neutrality towards Israel/Palestine?

Oh, and by the way – JFK pardoned Greenspun for violating the neutrality act “as a concession in wooing and winning over key donors of the Israel lobby during his presidential bid,” putting a retroactive seal of approval on Greenspun’s role in ethnic cleansing.

P.S. – Speaking of JFK, check out this tidbit from the same article:

Among Kennedy’s last bilateral diplomatic acts was a firm July 5, 1963, demand for regular U.S. inspections of Dimona delivered to the Israeli prime minister. But the push to include Israel in the fledgling nuclear nonproliferation regime died with Kennedy’s November assassination in Dallas. A simultaneous and largely secret Department of Justice drive to regulate the Israel lobby as agents of the Israeli government also subsequently perished.

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