More on the Church of Scotland’s controversial report on occupation

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Here is a followup to last night’s post on the Church of Scotland withdrawing its report opposing the Israeli occupation after an outcry from Jewish leaders. 

Here is a link to the “Inheritance of Abraham …” the original report by The Church and Society Council (a group from the Church of Scotland) meant to be presented to the upcoming General Assembly of the church.

Here is a link to a page at the church’s website explaining their meeting with the Jewish officials and their position on the paper. Notice that Rabbis for Human Rights listed as one of the participating groups in the discussions.

Here is a post from The Forum on the Forward website.  The title is “Church of Scotland Insults Jews With Denial of Claim to Israel.” And this subtitle: “Orders Zionists to Repent For Finding Historic Home.” This subtitle in no way reflects anything contained in the report.

According to the Scottish paper, The Herald, church officials say:

A planned debate of the paper at the General Assembly on May 18 will go ahead, but “no party will be making any further statement on this issue” until that date.

I hope there is some media coverage of the May 18 debate along which the publication of the amended document.  Who knows, maybe it will be streamed live.

Personal note:  When I worked in Israel with a government-sponsored program in 1971 the justification for Israeli sovereignty was the modern settlement of the land.  In other words, we settled it and built it and made the desert bloom.  The biblical/historical, religious and Holocaust claims were very secondary if considered at all.  This I believe continued to be true for decades.  I am wondering about the reason for the change; my initial thoughts are that the Nakba was not widely known about and that there has been an increasing need to justify the taking of the West Bank.

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