When a ‘stockpile of homemade bombs’ is ho-hum and ha-ha

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This undated photo provided by the Livingston County

Thought experiment.

New Yorker Joseph Martino was arrested Thursday night after the neighbors called 911 because they heard an explosion coming from his apartment in a community near Rochester. Allegedly, things went haywire when Martino was trying to dry bomb making materials in his oven.

Police said that bomb-making was Martino’s hobby. And though they found several jars of a chemical generally associated with terror groups, according to an official with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there is no evidence he had any “ill intent” according to police. This headline reflects the tone of coverage: “Police: NY man with homemade bomb stockpile blew up his oven while trying to dry explosives”

Oh and Martino has some type of criminal history, and the police allegedly found an arsenal of weapons (30-40 pipe bombs and other explosive devices, including firearms) at his home. They also found another storage site of his in the area and they’re not saying what was uncovered there. 

But the police did some helpful profiling of Martino:

Police don’t believe Martino is affiliated with any groups…

So: no national headlines. No statement from homeland security or the White House.

Thought experiment: imagine if Martino were a Muslim. 

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