Hamas and Iran have vowed ‘to wipe out the Jews’ just as Nazis did, AIPAC says

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AIPAC sent out a fundraising letter today saying that Hamas and Iran “are vowing to wipe out the Jews” and are no different from Nazis. The only difference between then and now is that now AIPAC is standing up for the Jews and it can get meetings with the president and Congress, as Jews could not do during the Holocaust.

The letter is signed by Brian Shankman, Director of Regional Affairs & Development. Here are its first few paragraphs:

Dear Friend of Israel:

On October 6, 1943, a delegation of American rabbis arrived at the White House for a personal audience with President Franklin Roosevelt. They planned to present to the president irrefutable proof that the Nazis were conducting a wholesale annihilation of European Jews.

As they arrived at the White House, the rabbis knew that this was a decisive moment – the last chance to stop the Holocaust before the last of European Jewry was extinguished.

They were denied a meeting.

The ensuing tragedy is, of course, well known. No coordinated Allied rescue was launched. The flames consumed 6 million.

Six decades later, America is again consumed with domestic challenges, and across the globe vitriolic enemies such as Ayatollah Khameni, Iran’s supreme leader, and Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ prime minister, are vowing to wipe out the Jews while acquiring more advanced and far reaching weapons to do so.

But today one very important thing has changed from what the delegation of rabbis faced 60 years ago.

Today we are not turned away at the door. Today we meet face to face with leaders on Capitol Hill and the White House to work to help make America, Israel and the world more secure.

But our ability to make a difference for Israel and America will only persist if we continue to act together.

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