Not Lovin’ It: Beitar Jerusalem fans attack McDonald’s employees; retribution for West Bank boycott?

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Security camera footage via Ynet

Last week McDonald’s Israel confirmed their refusal to open a franchise in Palestinian occupied territory, and yesterday Beitar Jerusalem soccer fans broke into a McDonald’s and attacked some of their workers. Haaretz reports:

Beitar Jerusalem soccer fans are suspected of assaulting Arab workers at a McDonald’s in Jerusalem on Sunday.

McDonald’s security footage shows soccer fans trying to break into the restaurant, located in Jerusalem’s Beit Hakerem neighborhood. A group of fans are seen throwing objects and beating workers with chairs. The footage also displays the employees throwing chairs at the fans. The police arrested three suspects in the case.

There’s nothing in Haaretz’s report connecting the attack with the recent news about McDonald’s that splashed over the mainstream press a few days ago. And who could forget the rampage of hundreds of Beitar fans descending on a Jerusalem mall chanting ”Death to Arabs” back in March of 2012?

In other words this attack is not out of character for these racist soccer fans. But the timing and the location, I couldn’t help wondering if there wasn’t perhaps some sort of retribution towards McDonald’s in the minds of these Jewish radical fanatics.

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