Global edition of ‘NYT’ runs op-ed against ‘Arab women giving birth’ in Israel

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Unbelievable. On the anniversary of MLK’s I have a dream speech, the global edition of the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, runs a piece by Shmuel Rosner deploring the Arab birth rate– or the Muslim Arab birth rate– as a threat to his “dream” of the Jewish state. The piece involves government subsidies that increase the likelihood of “Arab women giving birth.”

And Arab babies make Israel “feel less Jewish.” By the way, America feels a lot less white than it did when I was growing up, and the New York Times or its affiliates didn’t run arguments against women of color giving birth.

Some other excerpts of this racist argument, cloaked in highmindedness:

Almost all Jewish Israelis want the country to remain a Jewish homeland, and so it must maintain a Jewish majority. They also want it to be a democracy, both liberal and economically strong.

And those goals may be threatened by the two Israeli sub-groups who have the most children — ultra-Orthodox Jews, known as Haredis, and Arabs. The birthrate for Jewish women in Israel is almost 3, whereas it is 3.5 for Arabs and 6.5 for Haredis.


Israel’s Bureau of Statistics says that by 2019 a majority of school children will be either ultra-Orthodox or Arab. And these are just the groups whose participation in the work force is low and among whom the poverty rate is high.

High fertility among these groups appears to have created an economic problem that is only exacerbated by state subsidies…

Some studies have indeed shown that subsidies increased the probability of Haredi and Arab women giving birth….

Muslim Arabs and Haredis aren’t dreaming the Zionist dream of a secular Jewish homeland in the land of Israel. And for the Israelis who are, be they secular or Zionist-religious, Arabs make Israel feel less Jewish while Haredis make it feel too Jewish…

like many other Jewish Israelis, I have come to feel alienated from and impatient with Haredis and Arabs. As a result I see less the needs of their children than the burdens they’ve placed on Israel.

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