The education of William Scranton

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Recently I did a post on the education of Samantha Power. How she transformed herself from a critic of Israeli human rights abuses to a stalwart supporter of Israel. And now she’s ambassador to the U.N.

It’s an old story. William Scranton, moderate Republican former governor of Pennsylvania and presidential candidate, is dead at 96. From the Times:

Over the years Mr. Scranton was a director of I.B.M., Scott Paper, The New York Times, Pan American Airways, Mobil Oil and other corporations. He was also a Yale trustee, president of the National Municipal League and a White House workhorse for domestic and international tasks.

President-elect Nixon sent him to the Middle East in 1968 to assess Israeli-Arab relations. He returned calling for “a more evenhanded policy,” saying America “must take into consideration the feelings of all persons and countries in the Middle East and not necessarily one country over another.” After protests by Jewish leaders, he modified his view, saying Israel should be protected and strengthened.

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