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September 30 2013

52 Cooper Union’s bizarre ‘Jewish values’ panel: Accused war criminal and pro-occupation billionaires speak about the ‘strong protecting the weak’

26 ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your fears’: More predictions before Netanyahu’s big day at the UN

50 One family’s story illustrates the cumulative impact of Israeli interference in Palestinians’ lives

14 Obama and Netanyahu discuss the colonial question of questions on Iran

165 J Street leaders praise IDF, but audience cheers BDS

September 29 2013

2 UN stats show Israeli home demolitions increased as peace talks started

24 Daniel Levy on ‘boxing in Bibi’

22 Mondoweiss readers predict Netanyahu’s presentation to the U.N.

57 Hotel Rwanda at Cooper Union

September 28 2013

17 A honeymoon apart

32 Netanyahu is the wolf in wolf’s clothing

92 Israel’s real fear: shift in balance of power with a normalized Iran

20 US, Iran and Spoilers

1 Settlers set up tents on Jerusalem land designated for Palestinian capital

32 In euphoria over Iran breakthrough, Wash Post poll says 85% of Americans approve

September 27 2013

80 Netanyahu returns to the U.N. — now guess the drawing!

65 Seymour Hersh says official story of bin Laden killing is ‘one big lie, not one word is true’

75 Mubarak says the road to Washington runs through Tel Aviv

1 Facts on the Ground Peace Index: Volume II

6 J Street’s leader will debate two-state-solution with Munayyer and Lustick on Capitol Hill

42 Nairobi mall massacre makes NPR do a 180 on Israel-style racial profiling

22 Rouhani statement on the Holocaust should lead to reconsideration of Ahmadinejad’s similar message

26 What Jewish leader is willing to take up the opportunity Rouhani has provided?

0 Despite international efforts to build vital infrastructure, Israeli military and settlers force Palestinians out of West Bank village

September 26 2013

34 Abbas’s speech to UN General Assembly, transcript

35 Here we go again: California group attacks state professor for pro-BDS website

36 The Holocaust cannot be used to justify Israel’s abuse of Palestinians

41 AIPAC gears up for war with Obama

110 Netanyahu says Rouhani denies the Holocaust. But he doesn’t
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

19 Matalon, Bachman and other liberal Jews join Dershowitz in pressuring…. Abbas

September 25 2013

188 What if your friend had to die to preserve a Jewish state?

8 15 arrested, 40 injured, as Palestinians protest Israeli provocations at al-Aqsa

70 ‘NYT’ offers cloak to religious zealots storming Al Aqsa– ‘mainstream Jews’

22 J Street’s keynote speaker was ambassador for Gaza slaughter of ’08-’09

12 The idea of exceptionalism moves in different ways – toward community or toward empire

24 David Brooks plays his readers about Israel — McGowan

57 Netanyahu calls Iran’s opening a ‘smokescreen’ ‘on its path to the bomb’

15 ‘Welcome to the Occupation’: British woman detained and interrogated in Ben Gurion airport while trying to volunteer at Bethlehem school

September 24 2013

28 Former U.S. officials blast diplomacy with Rouhani at MEK rally outside UN

38 Rouhani has ‘American blood on his hands,’ Emergency Committee for Israel says

57 Pro-settler group uses nudity to promote cause in U.S.

26 Killed 65 years ago, Bernadotte was committed to Palestinian refugees’ right to return
Chris Gunness

17 Israeli Embassy publishes fake LinkedIn profile of Rouhani as a con artist who seeks nukes and supports terrorism

64 Sh*t rightwing Zionists say about liberal Zionists

33 Updated: Iran’s president urges Obama to ignore ‘warmongering pressure groups’
Annie Robbins and Phil Weiss

18 Is Rwanda the Israel of Africa?

2 The brutal demolition of Jordan Valley villages has become normalized

7 Hebron under attack from Israeli Army and illegal settlers

September 23 2013

160 Kristol says Obama appeases the new Hitler, Rouhani, making Israel ‘the leader of the west’

25 ‘Maybe it’s better not to dream,’ says Gaza student stopped at border

38 Israel demolishes Bedouin village in E1 — that Obama declared was key to two-state solution

42 Israel and its Middle East allies have embraced the three state solution

18 Over 300 right-wing Israelis enter al-Aqsa compound with armed guards

66 From Truth to Redress: Tel Aviv conference to convene on the grounds of Shaykh Muwannis to explore practical aspects of Palestinian return

September 22 2013

182 Violence works– by ending complacency

6 ‘The man with the Rubik’s cube’ — Greenwald tells about first secret meeting with Snowden in Hong Kong

7 How pro-Israel forces drove two virulent anti-Muslim campaigns
Elly Bulkin and Donna Nevel

32 Wilkerson says Graham and McCain ‘border on being traitors’ for allegiance to Netanyahu
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

September 21 2013

35 Reuters says Israeli soldiers ‘manhandle’ diplomats, but ‘NYT’ calls it a ‘quarrel’

4 Video: Israeli soldiers maul European diplomats, block aid delivery to Palestinian village

66 ‘New Yorker’ follows Lustick by publishing Munayyer’s argument against two-state solution

September 20 2013

91 Israel launches media blitz against Rouhani

128 In Ramallah market, Max Blumenthal shows the fruits of occupation

126 Update: Israeli soldiers manhandle European diplomats seeking to aid demolished Palestinian village

112 Obama’s greatest achievement– blinking on Syria

September 19 2013

60 ‘It is Zionist to think that American Jews have any connection to Israel’

71 Roger Waters says Israel’s wall is ’100 times more horrifying’ than Berlin wall

1 Noted Palestinian human rights lawyer jailed without charge

8 Calls grow for City University of New York to drop David Petraeus following police attack on protest

49 Stateless and in Exile: One Palestinian family’s story of being expelled from their Jerusalem home

4 Biden to keynote J Street conference, and Indyk to speak
Allison Deger, with Phil Weiss

8 Objectifying Palestinians in Beinart’s ‘American Jewish Cocoon’ essay
Donna Nevel and Rebecca Vilkomerson

90 ‘If the world turns on us, we will go North Korea on them’ — say some Israelis

13 At a campus near you: an Israeli artist-in-residence, here ‘to teach’

September 18 2013

10 Canadians held in Egypt go on hunger strike to protest detention

118 Beinart and Shenhav battle it out over the two-state solution

44 An Israeli settler says Obama demands Palestine deal for Iran

29 ‘Most Wanted’ poster of imperial Jewish life hypes attack on Syria

26 In 2012, settler population grew three times faster than rest of Israel

32 Red Lines and Green Lights: Israel still angling for attack on Syria and Iran

September 17 2013

41 More mainstream snark over NSA sharing info with Israel

40 How to get from Kigali to Syria via the Holocaust

3 An economically strangled and militarily overwhelmed Palestine: A view of Oslo from 1993

27 Ilan Pappe weighs in on One State

274 ‘J Street’ is quick to pounce on NYT piece shrugging off end of Jewish state

September 16 2013

73 Celebrity foodie Anthony Bourdain’s trip to Palestine highlights Gaza blockade, racist settlers

12 All The News That Is ‘significant or surprising’: NYT editor defends ignoring NSA-Israel collaboration (Updated)
Adam Horowitz and Ahmed Moor

21 Syrian chemical weapons deal puts pressure on Israel to sign weapons treaties

10 Lustick sounds the alarm on the two state solution, but offers little alternative

15 Egyptian navy and Israeli gunboats attack Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza

14 Will Obama meet with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani?

17 Video: In and out of David Ben-Gurion’s desert house in 5 minutes

318 Major ‘NYT’ piece calls two-state negotiations ‘phony’–and catastrophic

September 15 2013

5 Our indigenous preoccupation

44 Crossing Qalandiya checkpoint on Yom Kippur

September 14 2013

10 Israeli Supreme Court defers decision on ‘Absentee Property Law’ in East Jerusalem, concerned about opening ‘Pandora’s box’

55 Double standard: Disarming Syria puts Israel’s nuclear and chemical arsenal in the spotlight

23 Yom Kippur’s ancient extremity

120 Young Israeli Jews want an attack on Syria, but older ones say Obama missed his chance

September 13 2013

4 Opening shots fired in federal lawsuit against NYPD spying on Muslims

41 Jews say no to AIPAC and say no to bombing Syria

8 Clandestine Israeli trailer park in JNF forest aims to take over Bedouin village

67 Should Jews break bread on Yom Kippur?

38 ‘Where Do You Stand?’: A 1943 Yom Kippur sermon challenged the American Jewish community on Zionism

3 Next week in New York: Panel featuring civil rights lawyers explores BDS on campus
Committee for the Open Discussion of Zionism

41 Twenty years since Oslo, US leadership has yielded endless ‘process’ with no ‘peace’ in sight

September 12 2013

26 NPR covers AIPAC

55 Putin’s exceptionalism and our own

29 Spy on mosques, stay away from synagogues: NYPD surveillance differs based on religion

September 11 2013

45 Will there be fallout from the NSA sharing intel with Israel?

155 National Security Agency gives data on Americans to the Israeli government

3 Israeli court to decide whether govt can seize Palestinian land in East Jerusalem using ‘Absentees’ Property Law’

22 Obama punts on Syria

22 Timeline: Twenty years of failed US-led peace talks

September 10 2013

67 ‘AIPAC must be kept for consensus issues only’: Israeli diplomat slams Israel lobby for engaging on Syria

150 Was Obama bluffing on Syria all along?

4 Oslo’s Roots: Kissinger, the PLO, and the peace process

15 Adelson offers to help Obama get the votes he needs on Syria

2 Obama missile strikes on Syria trumped by rejection of his interventionist logic

7 ‘A disaster anyway we cut it’–Phyllis Bennis on the folly of U.S. strikes on Syria

September 9 2013

105 The Russia-Syria deal: What it means and what now?

6 In the wake of Alice Walker cancellation, University of Michigan must clarify its position on academic freedom

7 Third national ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ conference aims to build on victories of the past year

0 New guide addresses legal issues commonly faced by Palestine solidarity activists

7 ‘Israel’s lawyer’ at it again: John Kerry pressuring EU to drop settlement boycott

72 Chomsky: Israel and US enjoying the spectacle as Syria descends into suicide

12 President Obama’s Yom Kippur moment

September 8 2013

391 Jews without Israel

September 7 2013

51 ‘Slippery slope to an unnecessary war’ — liberal groups muster popular opposition on Syria

12 Breaking through the Empire’s glass ceiling

16 ‘Reincarnated war hawk’ Samantha Power presses case for Syria attack to Beltway liberals

28 Holland’s largest engineering firm pulls out of East Jerusalem project over international law concerns

101 Shady PR operatives, pro-Israel ties, anti-Castro money: Inside the Syrian opposition’s DC spin machine

September 6 2013

23 Anti-war groups press their case to halt impending Syria attack

21 Will Obama strike without congressional or UN approval?

60 Rep. Alan Grayson: ‘[AIPAC] falls to the wayside when the public weighs in’

45 AIPAC on an island: ‘Politico’ report says Israel lobby alone in pushing for war in Syria

September 5 2013

63 NYT article raises questions about possible US allies in Syria as rebels ransack Christian village
Annie Robbins and Adam Horowitz

192 Latest ‘generous offer’ leaked: Israel wants to control Jordan River and 40% of West Bank while Palestinians get ‘temporary borders’

45 Newest political bedfellows — Obama & Adelson

11 Stewart and Colbert push opposition to Syrian strike

4 Israeli military nets $8.8 million in Chicago fundraiser

7 A Jewish New Year call for justice for the Muslim community
Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition

55 Groundswell on Syria: The people versus AIPAC

31 Former AIPAC official warns against US ‘retreat’ from Israel’s ‘permanent reality’– conflict

2 Target Bay Ridge: The NYPD has burrowed deep into the heart of Brooklyn’s Muslim community

17 Kerry shouldn’t worry about ‘armchair isolationists’– but ‘armchair warriors’

September 4 2013

46 Pelosi begs Democrats for cooperation on Syria, but serious concerns remain
Max Blumenthal and Alex Kane

16 Rosh Hashanah and the Primal Prophetic

14 Israel closes Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron for Rosh Hashanah

59 Mondoweiss partners with TinyPass for Fall drive — $5 a reader
Adam Horowitz, Scott Roth and Philip Weiss

53 ‘There’s no stupider reason to go to war than fear that people will think you are weak’ — Chris Hayes

25 How AIPAC works your Congressperson– using donors, rabbis, and Jewish members

43 In sunlight at last, Israel lobby throws its full weight behind Obama’s Syria strike

15 Broad public opposition to Syrian strike includes US soldiers on social media
Annie Robbins and Phil Weiss

September 3 2013

73 AIPAC comes out for strike on Syria– and mentions Iran more often than Syria

3 Palestinian theater’s American run of Fugard’s ‘The Island’ begins this weekend
Phil Weiss with Felice Gelman

12 Three dead in Qalandiya offer reminders of Lina Al Nabulsi’s tragic death

30 ‘NYT’ deletes references to AIPAC’s role in pushing strike on Syria
Phil Weiss with Max Blumenthal and Annie Robbins

12 Kerry’s rationale to attack Syria could have also justified attack on Israel over Gaza

49 Egyptians overwhemingly oppose strike on Syria; US only has support of Arab dictators — PBS

7 By caving on Syria, Obama opens yet another Pandora’s Box of American adventurism

58 Mainstream press openly addresses Israel lobby’s role in US policy re Syria

81 John Kerry invokes apocalyptic ‘domino theory’ in call with House Democrats

September 2 2013

141 No one knows what Obama stands for

2 Bulldozers uproot Palestinian farmland in Salfit, as 23 settlements devour 18 villages

33 Grumpy Biden, Grumpy Cat weigh in on Syria speech

7 Israeli court seems to heed the late Seamus Heaney, in checking ‘ruthless power’ to expel 8 helpless Palestinian villages

24 Video: My friend frees bird caught in garage

September 1 2013

165 Dubious Intelligence and Iran Blackmail: How Israel is driving the US to war in Syria

31 Former Bush official: Syria resolution could authorize attack on Iran and Lebanon

62 Jeffrey Goldberg assails NYT’s David Kirkpatrick for describing Israeli attitude as ‘ugly’

29 Shalev: Lobby will stand up for Israel’s ‘national interest’ in Syria, never mind ‘Walt and Mearsheimer-style attacks’

10 Outrage over non-accountability for Iraq disaster fuels opposition to Syrian intervention

35 The long war: Syria is at the crux of ‘pipeline geopolitics’

26 Illegal. Immoral. Dangerous. Why Congress needs to say No!

5 Obama’s double standard on Syria, Egypt and Israel