Hebron under attack from Israeli Army and illegal settlers

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23 September 2013

Throughout today the residents of Hebron have been rising up against the illegal occupation of their City. To date 4 young men have been transferred to hospital suffering from wounds as a result of live ammunition fire from soldiers.

Yesterday an Israeli soldier was killed in Hebron as a result of an unknown sniper. The Army then took out their violent retribution on the civilian population of Hebron, supported by the violent illegal settlers that reside in stolen Palestinian homes inside the City.

As Palestinian youths resisted the lock down of their City, clashes intensified in the area outside a school, Tariq Ibn Ziyad, Shalala Street, the old and new area around Shuhada Street and in the Old City. The Army used live ammunition, rubber coated steel bullets, stun grenades and tear gas against young men armed only with the stones from their land to defend themselves.

By the afternoon 4 young men had been transferred to hospital with wounds from live ammunition fired at them: Samer Mousa Brawish (18 years old); Mamdouh Hassan Abu Assabih (17 years old); Mohand Jihad Alhwarin (17 years old); and Muhannad Jihad Alhuarin (25 years old).

In addition to the 4 young men, 10 protestors were injured with rubber coated steel bullets and 18 suffered from suffocation from tear gas inhalation.

The Israeli soldiers also attacked and severely beat a child, Ziad Adeis, in the area of Shalala Street in the city. In addition, the Army arrested two young men: Kamal Shahin (22 years old); and Fahd Skafi (in his twenties according to club sources).

Youth Against Settlements (YAS), a non-violent resistance group from Al Khalil, also captured the moment when a soldier was hit with a stone (see video).

While soldiers violently attacked protestors in the City, illegal settlers in the Tel Rumeida area beat a child, Awni Emad Abu Solar (13 years old). Awni suffered bruising across his body and was taken to hospital to treatment, while the settlers were free to roam the streets with impunity.

The Army is continuing to raid the homes of residents and force them out onto the street under the pretext of security inspections, detaining dozens for many hours. The Army terrorism is especially focussed on the area surrounding the school, Tariq ibn Ziyad, and the checkpoint of Abu feathers.

As the Army terrorised residents of Hebron, the Israeli Prime Minister ordered the Army to allow illegal settlers to take over the Al Rajbi house. A house settlers have been determined to steal despite conclusive Palestinian ownership. These illegal actions by the Israeli Government only further highlight their policy of Apartheid and terrorism.

For more information with videos and photos please join the Solidarity Movement for Free Palestine Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Solidarity-Movement-For-Free-Palestine/533405983399953

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