Mondoweiss partners with TinyPass for Fall drive — $5 a reader


Later this afternoon we’re unveiling a new donation campaign. We want $5– at least– from every regular reader to help keep this site going. If you’re a visitor, welcome. Please check us out. But if you’re someone who’s come to rely on the information and opinion at this site, we need your support, and urgently. We run this site on a shoestring, but even that shoestring gets frayed.

We’re seeking at least $5 from you between now and the end of the year. Heck, you’ve put more in a tip jar in the last week.  And if you want to give $50 or $5000, that would be great and much appreciated. All donations are still tax-deductible.

Later today you will begin to see a pop-up window every few times you view the site. Yes, that’s an annoyance, but no access to the site will be denied. And for those who say that we look a lot like a lot of mainstream sites, you’re right. We skipped our usual June fundraiser as we looked into new models to sustain the site. We believe this is the way that journalism is going to get paid for in the digital age — with direct subsidy from those who read it. In the past, our fundraising drives have raised around $20,000 through the generous donations of a couple hundred readers. We’re hoping this new model could increase that number of contributors into the thousands, and grow our budget. We want to hire staff, pay contributors for cutting-edge content and update the look and usability of the website. This can only happen with your help.

We’ve stubbornly professionalized this site over the years, and we’re hoping that our relationship with Tinypass, the outfit that works with Andrew Sullivan, is a way to make us more reliable and important. And just as Sullivan and other publications have experimented with a paywall, we expect we might have to experiment as well. All content is free here, and we want to keep it free, but we want this site to grow. If you turn to us regularly, now’s the time to help out.

Thanks to all. We’re deeply grateful to readers for their support over the last five years that we’ve accepted contributions. We’ve tried to match your good faith, and this is our next big step. Please help out with a tax-deductible donation today.

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