Stewart and Colbert push opposition to Syrian strike

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Check out Jon Stewart’s skewering humor in Groundhog Deja Clusterf@#k (above). Stewart returned to the Daily Show from his 12-week summer hiatus with engines in full sneering throttle over US plans to invade Syria.

Tinseltown’s entertainment journos might be at a loss as to dealing with Stewart’s return. After lauding John Oliver’s “great job” filling in for his boss this summer Entertainment Weekly squirmishly referenced Stewart’s opening episode as a “marked shift” in tone and “marked contrast” between Oliver’s departing episode. Deadline Hollywood reviewing Jon Stewart Returns calls him A Darker Faux Newsman:

The comicturned-fake news show faux-anchor returned from Jordan, where he spent a good chunk of the summer directing his first feature film, showing telltale signs of a comic who has been through a life-changing experience and feels he should be doing something more serious.

After an opening taped bit in which his summer substitute John Oliver discovered how changed Stewart is, and tried in vain to get back the old Jon — instead turning him into Moses, Freddie Mercury, Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, and Hitler — Stephen Colbert is brought in and, for script purposes, successfully exorcised Stewart, so The Daily Show could start.

Check out Sir Archibald Mapsalot III carve up the Middle East:

In the Colbert Report segment “Cris-Ish in Syri-Eh,” Stephen Colbert calls Obama a pussy and notes that the public’s enthusiasm for another war is “going over like a turd falafel” given that only 29% of Americans want the U.S. to attack Syria.

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For the perfect send off, A Moment of Zen.

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