Adelson’s atomic moment: Help us break more video stories

Last week we scored a big media hit with Phil Weiss and Alex Kane‘s reporting on Sheldon Adelson’s appearance at Yeshiva University. In addition to being featured on Chris Hayes’s show above, it was also picked up in the New York Times, Time, Politico, and BuzzFeed among others. This is an example of one thing we want to do with Mondoweiss: push the conversation into the American mainstream by breaking news.

This story was picked up for several reasons. First, it’s shocking. Adelson is a figure who looms large on the American political scene and this report helped expose some of his true intentions. But in addition to that, the report also featured video. The video gave the story an added dimension — and we want to be able to produce more videos to continue to expand our reach. Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation today to allow us to expand our video capabilities. We want to purchase more video cameras for our reporters and develop our video editing abilities to produce engaging, high-quality video what will further our mission of fostering the movement for greater fairness and justice for Palestinians in American foreign policy.

Please help continue our growth by giving a tax-deductible donation today.

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