As US government shuts down over budget crisis, group debuts DC ads calling to cut aid to Israel

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The organization American Muslims for Palestine is expanding its nationwide ad campaign calling to end U.S. aid to Israel to the nation’s capital. A press release from the organization says it is a perfect time given the country’s dire financial situation:

It is a fitting time. The federal government may shut down Tuesday because it cannot afford to pay its bills yet we are still sending Israel billions of dollars in military aid, loan guarantees, other grants and free or reduced cost weaponry every year. Also today, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu visited President Barack Obama in the Oval Office today to discuss Iran, Syria and the “peace process.”

“It is inexcusable that we continue to fund Israel’s military when our own government can’t pay its employees or fund important social services,” said AMP national board member Dr. Osama Abu Irshaid. “Our unconditional support of Israel hurts our image throughout the world and weakens our national security. It is time to keep this money here at home to help Americans who desperately need it.”

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