Report: Summers rejects Netanyahu offer to be top Israeli banker

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Larry Summers

Larry Summers

I guess rudeness is a resume-builder in Israel. Reuters reporter Dan Williams:

The ‘Times of Israel’ says Summers has rejected the job.

So is this the consolation prize for not getting the US Fed chairmanship? And is there a revolving door for American Jews between the US and Israel? Stanley Fischer, formerly of Citigroup, was the last Israeli bank chair. Summers has long been a defender of Israel; he stopped divestment in its tracks at Harvard ten years ago by saying it was anti-Semitic in effect.

Summers is also a big neoliberal. Why he lost the fed chair, per Bloomberg:

A campaign led by two Democrats, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, who organized advocacy groups and fellow legislators against Summers effectively ended his prospects. Concerned that he would take too soft a stance in regulating Wall Street


In August, [Republican Senator Pat] Roberts said, “I wouldn’t want Larry Summers to mow my yard.”

Mr. Summers, who was also the president of Harvard, has attracted resistance for a variety of reasons, among them his comments about the aptitude of women in math and science.

Senators like Mr. Tester also say that Mr. Summers has too often promoted the interests of large financial institutions over those of small community banks.

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