Video: Make Seltzer, Not Settlements — Boycott SodaStream

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Over the past few years we have suggested some home carbonation alternatives to SodaStream that aren’t produced in illegal Israeli settlements (yes, there are some).

Mondoweiss reader Bill Haywood has done one better and produced the video above with his family showing a truly DIY method of carbonating your beverages at home (turn up the volume be sure to check out the refrigerator decoration) . Time to get Scarlett Johansson a 10 pound tank of CO2!

Haywood sent this comment along with the video:

The jobs of 500 Palestinian workers at Sodastream are real consideration in the boycott, but there are 2.5 million other Palestinians in the West Bank to consider. Arab employees also cannot live near the factory where they work because it is located in the Ma’ale Adumim Israeli settlement.

Here are some links to the supplies mentioned in the video:

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