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June 2014

Hewlett-Packard’s complicity in occupation makes headlines

Annie Robbins on

The lead article in Sunday’s business section of the San Francisco Chronicle warns HP’s role in Israel could lead to political pressure. Although never mentioning the Boycott Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement directly, the Chronicle informs its readers Hewlett-Packard, a local Bay Area company, is the target of “an international campaign” that has “emerged to pressure Israel […]

The case for a BDS coalition

Jeremiah Haber on

There is a rule in movement politics: Your greatest rival is the one closest to you ideologically. Supporters of the global BDS movement, the movement that arose as a response to the three calls of the Palestinian civil society organizations, are at best wary, and more likely,  dismissive, of progressive Zionists who support this or that boycott, divestment, […]

The cost of fear: a night on the West Bank

Alice Rothchild on

Alice Rothchild shared this diary entry with friends from American Jews for a Just Peace and allowed us to run it. We will be publishing other observations from Rothchild in days to come. I have been thinking a lot about collective punishment and military force and the cost of fear. I am not going to […]

Reporters talk about Sykes-Picot of 1916 (and ignore the Balfour Declaration of 1917)

Philip Weiss on

With the blurring of the border between Syria and Iraq by the Sunni militant group ISIS, American journalists have been talking a lot about the Sykes Picot treaty, the secret agreement during World War I between the French and the British to carve up the Middle East when the Ottoman Empire ended. These journalists all […]

‘Haaretz’ conference trumpets tired word ‘Peace’ (when the only solution is ‘equality’)

Matthew Taylor on

The answer — the only answer — to Israel/Palestine is equality. But Haaretz, stuck in the old, now-meaningless paradigm of so-called ‘peace,’ is promoting an Israel Conference on Peace in Jerusalem on July 8. The biases are striking. Nowhere in the conference program is there a clear focus on equality, human rights, international law, or the rights of […]

Israeli officials threaten return to Intifada-era policy of demolishing suspects’ homes

Alex Kane on

The Israeli army’s rampage across the West Bank is the largest operation since the second Palestinian uprising, and has brought to mind Intifada-era images of Israeli soldiers waging battle on the streets of Palestinian cities.  The return to Intifada-era policies may soon get worse for Palestinians. Since the reported abduction of three Israeli youths from […]

Israel announces identity of suspected kidnappers, still no evidence of abduction made public

Annie Robbins on

The Shin Bet has identified Marwan Quasma, 29, and Amar Abu Eisha, 32 as suspected kidnappers, reportedly responsible for abducting 3 Jewish teenagers in the West Bank on June 12.  Although thus far no evidence of the abduction has been published (the Israeli government imposed a gag order on journalists covering the event), The Jerusalem Post reported “both men became wanted […]

Violence in paradise: Jo Roberts probes Israeli memory and myth

Brandon Davis on

Any first-year psychology student knows memory is often inaccurate; the memory of the nation as a whole, as Canadian journalist Jo Roberts says, is often much more revealing. In her new book, Contested Land, Contested Memory: Israel’s Jews and Arabs and the Ghosts of Catastrophe (Dundurn Press, 2013), Roberts intertwines Israelis’ and Palestinians’ personal narratives […]

What Comes Next: Five Palestine futures

Richard Falk on

This post is part of “What Comes Next?: A forum on the end of the two-state paradigm.” This series was initiated by Jewish Voice for Peace as an investigation into the current state of thinking about one state and two state solutions, and the collection has been further expanded by Mondoweiss to mark 20 years […]

‘Washington Post’ conflates anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism

Matthew Taylor on

The Washington Post has run an interesting (and perhaps important) piece on the alleged rise of anti-Semitism in France: “A ‘new anti-Semitism’ rising in France.” Perhaps some of what is reported is very real (I assume much of it is; the New York Times ran a similar piece the same day). If so, this has implications […]