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Presented below is the latest message in a series, “What Mondoweiss Means To Me.” We are honored that leaders in the movement for justice in Israel/Palestine respect the site enough to offer these statements in order to help us raise $60,000 by December 31. Please read Rebecca Vilkomerson’s comments, and if you agree that quality news and analysis are essential, join her in giving.

Each one of you has your own reasons for visiting Mondoweiss, a unique news operation that serves an amazing community of activists and thinkers. Please donate today, and tell us what Mondoweiss means to you.

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Dear fellow Mondoweiss readers:

As the Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace, I want to share with you what Mondoweiss means to us—and why it is urgent to contribute to keep the site growing.

Jewish Voice for Peace is a community of thousands who are inspired by Jewish tradition to work for the human rights of Palestinians as well as Israelis, and an end to U.S. support of injustice in Palestine.

When I started doing this work 15 years ago, finding true and useful information was a real struggle. Now Mondoweiss is a crucial source of information for all kinds of people—from those just learning about this issue to committed experts. The breadth and quality of the coverage is just that good. Mondoweiss is a truly indispensable resource for educating and urging people into action.

Rebecca Vilkomerson (Photo:Skip Schiel)

Rebecca Vilkomerson (Photo:Skip Schiel)

When McCarthyism hits U.S. campuses, whether it be the University of Illinois’s persecution of Steven Salaita, or the many college administrations that have selectively disciplined student Palestinian solidarity groups for exercising free speech, Mondoweiss provides the details and context that help JVP to educate students and faculty throughout the country.

When young Jews stand up bravely to question their muzzling by the Jewish establishment—as in the remarkable emergence of Open Hillel over the past year—Mondoweiss’s coverage helps the nascent movement spread the word.

And when conscience-led Christians work to change their church’s stance, as in this year’s General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church-USA, Mondoweiss helps convince church members to adopt constructive policy. The site’s expert analysis reinforces the message we share: standing for justice is not anti-Semitic but an act of solidarity with seekers of peace and justice among Jews as well as Palestinians.

The mobilization of thousands this summer against the invasion of Gaza, the increasing impact of the BDS movement, and the growth of the movement for justice in Palestine would hardly see the light of day if it were up to the mainstream media. Without Mondoweiss, the news of our successes might be drowned out in a sea of obfuscation, misinterpretation and downright lies.

Mondoweiss’s platform amplifies a critical message for everyone organizing on this issue, JVP included: true justice and peace for Palestinians and Israelis will only be possible when the U.S. stops enabling Israel’s actions through economic, diplomatic and military cover.

That’s why this year, just like every year, I am making a contribution to keep the work of Mondoweiss going. Please join me today in supporting Mondoweiss, the essential herald that brings the world news of all who dare speak out.


Rebecca Vilkomerson
Executive Director, Jewish Voice for Peace

P.S. Every contribution to Mondoweiss is vital in giving grassroots activists the information to speak knowledgeably and persuasively. Give now to help fight for change.

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3 Responses

  1. Ellen
    December 16, 2014, 3:00 am

    “And when conscience-led Christians work to change…..”

    Not sure what that means. Something like “righteous Gentiles?”

    • Citizen
      December 22, 2014, 8:06 am

      Maybe those non-Jews who are not inspired by any religious tradition, just by their individual “conscience”? I thought seekers of truth and justice were always scarce in the human species whenever it became risky business.

  2. Kathleen
    December 16, 2014, 12:23 pm

    Just donated. Wish I could donate more…much more. Not able to access the link to “what Mondoweiss means to me” Link says “this operation has been cancelled due to restrictions”

    Dear MW readers and activist:

    What a breathe of fresh air Mondoweiss has provided over the last 8 years for readers when it comes to providing fact based coverage of what has and continues to go on in the Palestinian Israeli conflict. Many of us are well aware that accurate, fact based coverage of systematic Palestinian house destruction, agricultural destruction, and the killing and injuries inflicted by the government and military of Israel has not been covered by the US mainstream media for literally decades.

    In fact for decades the mainstream media has provided a stage for Israel and the I lobby to influence US congress members in building a wall of silence around this issue as well as misrepresenting the facts on the ground that have and continue to take place. Mondoweiss as well as concerted efforts by both old and new activist and yes even the main steam has become more willing to help break that wall of silence and inaccurate coverage down.

    I truly believe that Palestinians and Israeli’s will ultimately benefit when a true and just outcome becomes a reality. Mondoweiss is helping create that hopefully peaceful and just reality! Thank you Mondoweiss team for all of your efforts!

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