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June 2015

Inside the labyrinth: a daytrip to East Jerusalem

Yarden Katz on

On a visit to East Jerusalem, the rule of occupation and apartheid is concrete and tangible. Services are denied to Palestinians that Jewish settlers living among them get. When you build walls, you make a labyrinth of the world, a graffiti warns

Netanyahu issues ‘welcome letter’ as Gaza flotilla is seized by Israeli navy

Allison Deger on

Early Monday three Israeli naval ships seized a vessel bound for Gaza carrying activists and humanitarian aid while still in international waters, said activists. The Freedom Flotilla III, headed by the Swedish ship the Marianne of Gothenburg, was attempting to break the eight-year siege on the Gaza Strip. The boat and its 18 passengers were being towed to Ashdod, where it was expected that the activists would be deported.

Rainbow flag covers Israeli separation wall near Ramallah

Alex Shams on

On Monday, Ramallah-based visual artist Khaled Jarrar painted a portion of Israel’s separation wall as a rainbow flag following the US Supreme Court decision in support of marriage equality. Jarrar said in a statement: “I went and painted the colors of the rainbow (on the wall) as these colors were circulated all over the world. These colors are ultimately an expression of freedom.”

My journey from Zionism to Palestine solidarity

Adam Horowitz on

Mondoweiss co-editor Adam Horowitz shares his personal story of becoming engaged in the Palestine solidarity movement as part of our “Be The Mondoweiss Megaphone” campaign. Please help us raise $50,000 to bring Mondoweiss to more thinking people, opinion leaders, policy-makers, and policy un-makers too!

Sniper shots and mass arrests: UN Gaza report also documents Israeli abuses in West Bank last summer

Alex Kane on

The recently released United Nations report on the 2014 war in Gaza meticulously documents last summer’s horror. The reports of Israeli executions of Palestinians, Israel’s aerial assaults on Palestinians in their homes in Gaza and other aspects of the assault have attracted the most attention, but the UN report also highlights what it calls “widespread human rights violations” by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The document is a reminder that the uptick in tensions and violence last summer was not limited to Gaza. In fact, the human rights abuses the report looks at still occur near-daily in the West Bank and Jerusalem.