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October 2015

Fear and loathing in Jerusalem

Waleed Othman on

Waleed Othman recently returned from a vacation in Israel/Palestine where he had hoped to reconnect with his roots, visit some historical sites, and sit on the beach. But instead he had two experiences that exemplify the marginalization of Palestinians from Israeli society, and indicate the breaking point many Palestinians are reaching.

You can’t save Israel from itself by appropriating BDS

Omar Barghouti on

The argument by two lifelong Zionists for the boycott of Israel to save the state is courageous, Omar Barghouti says, but suffers from the same two ills that afflict all Zionist arguments: selective amnesia and deep-seated racism.

Letter to J.K. Rowling: For the sake of all Palestinian children who love Harry you need to say their lives matter

Mondoweiss Editors on

A member of Christian Peacemaker Teams writes to author J.K. Rowling from Hebron: I want to tell you that in the city of Hebron where I have worked for the last twenty years, I have, with my own eyes, seen Palestinian children attacked, beaten, arrested—without any of the due process the civilized world grants minor children—and in general treated with utter contempt by Israeli soldiers and settlers. Ms. Rowling, you do not have to support the Academic and Cultural Boycott, but for the sake of all Palestinian children who love Harry, you do need to say their lives matter.

Three new checkpoints lock down an East Jerusalem neighborhood

Allison Deger on

For the 30,000 Palestinian residents of Jabel Mukaber the checkpoints—and a new wall that is being constructed in the center of town, cement roadblocks suspending vehicle traffic and a border police force deployed throughout the neighborhood—have made the quiet hilltop town with a view from Tel Aviv to Jordan, a militarized enclave.

Living and dying by Netanyahu’s ‘forever’ sword

Marc H. Ellis on

Marc Ellis: “In the abyss of Jewish history, Jews must begin again – with Palestinians. This is a sharply-focused way of understanding what I realized many years ago: That the only way to be faithful as a Jew today is to embrace the Jewish covenant, a covenant that has fled from the precincts of Jewish power. That the Jewish covenant, and thus the Jewish prophetic, reside in the Palestinians ghettos Jews have created is difficult for most Jews to contemplate. Perhaps this is why Netanyahu’s “forever” sword signals a fight within and outside Jewish history until the end.”

Palling Around with Nazis: Netanyahu’s political ancestors are also guilty by association

Joe Dobkin on

While Netanyahu’s account of the Mufti-Hitler exchange has been swiftly and almost universally dismissed as fiction, there is one caveat: Though he didn’t mastermind the ‘Final Solution’, the mufti did align himself with axis leaders, including Hitler. But guess who else reached out to the Nazis looking for a partnership? A group known as Lehi, a Zionist militia that is a political antecedent of today’s Likud party.

(Update) This year for Halloween your child too can help defend the Israeli occupation

Adam Horowitz on

Amazon and Walmart are selling a “Boy’s Israeli Soldier Costume” this year for Halloween. The description says: “There comes a time when your child wants to save the world the only way he knows how, by dressing as his favorite army man! Have your child step into their Jewish heritage by putting on this Boy’s Israeli Soldier Costume.”