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March 2016

Similar to the West Bank, Gaza’s workers protest to demand fair pay

Isra Saleh El-Namy on

Mahmoud Matter says that participating in demonstrations held by the workers’ syndicate in Gaza is his only hope to receive his wages. He has been employed by the Ministry of Health since 2010, but has not yet received a full wage. “I go early to my work every day, and do my best to efficiently do my duty and serve my people. But instead of being honored by receiving my salary, I am left to demonstrate and shout in order to get my right of a salary,” Matter said. “We are blackmailed in political splits, and left prone to extortion so that our leaders can achieve their narrow political interests,” he added.

Israeli army stations dedicated PR officer at site of Hebron execution

Dan Cohen on

Dan Cohen visits the site Abed al-Fattah Yusri al-Sharif was executed in Hebron and finds a representative from the IDF Spokesperson Unit stationed there to prevent journalists from speaking to combat soldiers. As locals tell Cohen what occurred during the killing a young Israeli settler tells a Palestinian showing Cohen the area, “My father will kill you.”

Palestinians commemorate 40th anniversary of Land Day

Sheren Khalel and Abed Al Qaisi on

Palestinians across the occupied West Bank on Wednesday gathered to commemorate the 40th anniversary of “Land Day.” The first Land Day, on March 30, 1976, saw thousands of Palestinians take to the streets in protest of the confiscation of thousands of acres of Palestinian land in the northern Galilee region of Israel. During the protest, six demonstrators were shot dead and over 100 were wounded. Forty years later, Palestinians are still taking to the streets in protest of massive Israeli land grabs.

The occupation of the American mind, documented

Abba Solomon on

The new documentary “The Occupation of the American Mind,” narrated by Roger Waters, asks when US public opinion will shift on Israeli treatment of Palestinians and what it will take for the media to shift from reflexive pro-Israel reports.

Right to education, from Pine Ridge to Palestine

Osama Mor, Amira Sakalla and Kristian Davis Bailey on

Next week the 2016 Right to Education tour will arrive in the United States. During the first two weeks in April students from universities across Palestine will be speaking at American university campuses about their experiences studying under Israeli occupation and the impact of colonialism on their education. Organizers are putting a spotlight on two locations the tour will be arriving in this year: The University of Hawaii and the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Both of these locations reflect the long history of US settler-colonization and their inclusion in the tour aims to accentuate the continuing struggle of both the Kanaka Maoli and Oglala Sioux indigenous peoples.

Obama said in Cuba what he couldn’t say in Palestine

Philip Weiss on

In Cuba, President Obama revealed himself as a man of the left who cares about racial justice, human rights, and not being trapped by colonial history. His bold statements apply to Palestine too, but the president will just have to settle for opening Cuba.

Video: Meet the brave shoemaker who filmed Israeli soldier executing a Palestinian

Philip Weiss on

Imad Abu Shamsiyah, the Palestinian who shot the video of an Israeli soldier executing a Palestinian youth in Hebron last week, is a shoemaker who says he will never leave his house despite pressure of Jewish settlers, even though he needs to present his number, 242, at a checkpoint in order to enter the ghetto he lives in.

Reflections on the Brussels attack

Richard Falk on

Richard Falk writes that the Brussels attack for which ISIS claimed responsibility exhibits the new face of 21st century warfare for which there are no front lines, no path to military victory, and acute civilian vulnerability. As such, it represents a radical challenge to our traditional understanding of warfare, and unless responses are shaped by these realities, it could drive Western democracies step by step into an enthused political embrace and revived actuality of fascist politics.