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January 2017

‘We have nowhere else to go’: Bedouins say they will continue to rebuild as Israel carries out home demolitions at a record pace

Sheren Khalel on

Last Wednesday Mohammed Jahalin and his family were ordered out of their houses in the Jahalin Tribe Bedouin encampment west of Jericho and watched as the metal blades of Israeli bulldozers smashed through their homes. In 2016, Israeli forces demolished homes, particularly Bedouin homes, in record numbers and in the first 23 days of 2017, Israeli forces demolished 119 Palestinian-owned structures, leaving 177 Palestinians displaced. “They keep tearing down our homes, and it’s so expensive to rebuild,” he said. “But we don’t know what else to do, we are refugees, we don’t own land, we have nowhere else to go. Tell us where to go where we can continue our way of life and we can do that, but right now we have nowhere else to go, this is our home,” Jahalin says.

The Quebec mosque shooting and the Zionist connection

Jonathan Ofir on

The Quebec mosque shooter who killed 6 Muslim worshipers appears to be a white-nationalist, with anti-Muslim and anti-immigration beliefs. He was also pro-Zionist. The media ought to mention the sympathy, because it is relevant to reaching an understanding of such actions.

Free ‘The Hares Boys’ campaign produces free e-book on tragic first anniversary of sentencing

Annie Robbins on

In January, 2016, an Israeli military court sentenced 5 youths from the West Bank village of Hares — Mohammed Kleib, Mohammed Suleiman, Amer Souf, Tamer Souf, and Ali Shamlawi, known internationally as the Hares Boys — to a grueling 15 years in prison for manslaughter for a crime that did not even take place. A free 39-page e-book, The Hares Boys, From Palestine to Israeli Prison, tells their story and the history of Israel’s imprisonment of Palestinian children.

Protesters join immigrant protectors at LAX

Marcy Winograd on

California Reps Ted Lieu and Maxine Waters, and LA City Council member Mike Bonin came to LAX to support the immigrant protectors in their demand DHS release detainees from the “Muslim ban” countries. At LAX: ‘No hate, no fear, Muslims are welcome here’

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli forces during raid on Jenin refugee camp

Kate on

Ma‘an reports: “Israeli forces shot and killed a 19-year-old Palestinian Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Khalifa and injured several others early Sunday morning in Jenin refugee camp in the northern occupied West Bank, after clashes erupted following an Israeli army raid into the camp. State-run Palestinian news agency Wafa said that Abu Khalifa was left on the ground for hours before paramedics were able to evacuate his body.”

Signs you may be a ‘normalizer’

Haidar Eid on

Normalizing oppression has always been one of the tools used by the colonizer against the resistance of the oppressed and colonized. Britain, France, America, and Apartheid South Africa are just a few of the colonizers who privileged one sector of the colonized population to make them willing propagandists for the colonizer’s ‘mission civilisatrice.’ Apartheid Israel does exactly the same. Haider Eid outlines the symptoms of normalization to be on the lookout for.

Yes, this is really apartheid

Alice Rothchild on

The Stop the Wall movement in Palestine began a dozen years ago and has transformed the international struggle: bringing people together based on human rights to end the occupation, end racial discrimination towards Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, and to support the right of return for refugees.

Thank you for keeping Mondoweiss going–and growing!

Tova Perlmutter on

Last month, we asked you to support Mondoweiss’s independent journalism and readers’ response was generous and thoughtful—both financial contributions and moral support flooded in. In fact, for the third year in a row, our year-end campaign set new records, with donations exceeding our $120,000 goal by more than 20 percent!

Today, it is apparent that the coming challenges will be even greater than anticipated. In addition to terrifying anti-Muslim policies, those who promote the most narrow, supremacist vision for both the U.S. and Palestine have declared war on facts as well as people. In the face of “alternative facts,” Mondoweiss pledges never to pull back on telling the truth. Thank you for your support, which will allow Mondoweiss to continue reporting, add new features and channels for information, and reach out to more people who need accurate journalism.