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New York TV stations smear Roger Waters– who praises BDS as ‘one of most admirable pieces of resistance world has seen’

Philip Weiss on

Roger Waters brought his national tour to New York this week. Tonight he is on Long Island, and regrettably the New York media have given a platform to Israel fanatics to smear the songwriter/bassist. Local TV stations have passed on outrageous statements, that Waters is an anti-Semite and that Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is bigoted.

‘Voice of boycott’ was heard in Montgomery and South Africa, why not Israel? Roger Waters writes in ‘NYT’

Philip Weiss on

“Boycotts have always been accepted as a legitimate form of nonviolent protest in the United States,” musician Roger Waters writes in the New York Times, from Montgomery, Alabama, buses to the North Carolina transgender restrictions. So it is perfectly legitimate to use this tool against Israel’s occupation. Waters’s 64-city tour has been marked by pro-Israel demonstrators.

Join Roger Waters on Facebook Live as he discusses his support for BDS

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel on

Tune in Saturday, July 15 when the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) will be hosting a live web conversation with Roger Waters on his support for the cultural boycott of Israel and Palestinians’ rights.

On ‘NYT’ stage, Roger Waters calls BDS ‘valid and legitimate picket line’

Philip Weiss on

Roger Waters on BDS: “Palestinians… should have equal rights. And that is my only beef. Just as all the people living in the US should have equal rights, all of them, regardless of their color, creed, race or religion– that is what I want for the Palestinians. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m not trying to destroy Israel.”

American Express disowns Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters because of pro-Palestinian views (Updated)

Wilson Dizard on

When it comes to aiding Israeli Apartheid, American Express is just another brick in The Wall, according to a new report. Roger Waters, lead singer behind Pink Floyd, lost a multimillion dollar American Express sponsorship for his 2017 US+Them tour after expressing solidarity this month with Palestinian students trying to end Israel’s apartheid system of military occupation using the same protest tactic that helped dismantle South African Apartheid (and, earlier, America’s Jim Crow): Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS.

BDS supporting rock star Roger Waters hits back against vicious smears

Alex Kane on

For months, rock star Roger Waters has been the subject of vicious smears. His support for Palestinian rights has led Israel advocates to call him an “anti-Semite” who engages in “blood libels.” Now, Waters is hitting back. He explains his advocacy for Palestine in a Salon Op-Ed.

A note from Roger Waters to Abe Foxman

Roger Waters on

Roger Waters responds to an ADL open letter which said, “Water’s views on Israel are colored by offensive and dangerous undercurrents of anti-Jewish sentiment.”

Roger Waters appeals to fellow musicians — Endorse the cultural boycott of Israel

Roger Waters on

Following BBC censorship of a pro-Palestinian message from Nigel Kennedy, and Stevie Wonder’s refusal to perform in Florida following the Trayvon Martin verdict, legendary Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters calls on fellow musicians to join the cultural boycott of Israel in order “to bring international attention to Israeli policies, and hopefully, to help bring them to an end.”

Roger Waters joins Alice Walker in plea to Alicia Keys not to play Israel

Roger Waters on

Roger Waters to Alicia Keys: ‘Others may try to persuade you that by playing in Israel you may magically effect some change… appeasement didn’t work with South Africa and it has not worked in Israel. I know I tried it ten years ago, things have only got worse.’