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Meet Catherine Ashton, Tony Blair’s pro-Israel proxy in the EU

Max Blumenthal on

Beneath the radar of the US media, Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu succeeded in blocking a statement by European Union member states that would have included sharp criticism of illegal Israeli settlement activity and of the general direction of the peace process. Kerry and Netanyahu depended on Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of Foreign Affairs for the EU and a proxy of Quartet Special Representative Tony Blair, to prevent EU member states from delivering the statement at a June 24 Council gathering in Brussels.

Tony Blair’s lips are moving. But he’s saying…nothing.

Matthew Taylor on

Irrelevant Quartet diplomat Tony Blair says: Israel needs to ‘accelerate and deepen’ measures to build Palestinian confidence that a state is in the offing… …While all the while, Israel continues to accelerate and deepen measures to steal Palestinian land and build illegal colonies. Tony, can you do us all a favor? If you don’t have […]

Who does Tony Blair work for?

Kieron Monks on

"In the conversations I’ve had with the Israeli Prime Minister there is now, in principle, agreement for Israel to allow goods in" Tony Blair told reporters on Monday. And like magic, an official Israeli statement today announced the ‘easing’ of the Gaza blockade. After three years of lucrative ambassadorial work, the man best known for […]

Univ. of Buffalo student forces Tony Blair to respond to (and dodge) the Goldstone report

Adam Horowitz on

Jim Holstun, an English professor at the University of Buffalo, sends this along: Tony Blair spoke at the University at Buffalo on Wednesday, October 7. As usual, the University prescreened and censored questions. But one questioner got through by submitting a fake question for review, then asking a real one. Blair looks even more like […]

Antony Loewenstein’s contempt for journalists

Philip Weiss on

Antony Loewenstein, author of Disaster Capitalism: “Journalism has the potential to be transformative, to inform and provoke. Too often I see reporters desperate to be close to power, whether ministers, minders. Insiders. Being embedded.”

Kerry and Blair’s $4 Billion Mystery Plan for Palestine: Crony capitalism under the guise of peace?

Max Blumenthal on

The recent World Economic Forum in Amman, Jordan, was billed as the Obama administration’s milestone moment for reviving the comatose US-led peace process. In a speech brimming with optimism, John Kerry introduced “Breaking The Impasse,” an ambitious initiative that promised to increase the Palestinian GDP by 50 percent. Details of the plan are impossible to come by, except that Tony Blair, the Special Envoy of the Quartet, had been placed in charge. Blair’s record of questionable wheeling and dealing raises serious questions about “Breaking The Impasse” – to the extent that it is a plan at all. Above, Kerry and Blair discussing the peace process in Rome, Italy, May 2013.

Steve Walt feels vindicated by Blair confession (as well he should)

Philip Weiss on

Steve Walt has a great post following the news from Tony Blair that when he was planning the Iraq war disaster with George Bush they consulted the Israelis, and that Israeli security was a consideration. Walt feels vindicated on the most controversial claim of his book, that the Israel lobby pushed the Iraq war. Here’s […]

Blair says Israelis were in on pre-war planning

Joseph on

Remember when Mearsheimer and Walt were called deluded anti-Semites? A choice tidbit from Mehdi Hasan’s blog on the New Statesman’s website re: Tony Blair’s testimony in the Iraq War Inquiry: The most unforgivable, outrageous and bizarre moment of the day occurred when Blair, for some inexplicable reason, volunteered the following revelation about his all-important meeting […]

Finally, a US tribunal on the Iraq War!

Philip Weiss on

Months after the British gov’t produced an inquiry on the Iraq war revealing Tony Blair’s assurance to George Bush that it would “free up the region,” an American organization is at last holding an Iraq War tribunal. Not the government, not the media, but the antiwar group Code Pink, this Thursday and Friday in D.C.

Why are Palestinians cynical?

Philip Weiss on

Tony Blair just received the Dan Prize from Tel Aviv University, $1 million, for his work on the peace process, whatever that is, in Israel/Palestine. (Thanks to Eva Smagacz.)

Why are Palestinians cynical?

Philip Weiss on

Tony Blair just received the Dan Prize from Tel Aviv University, $1 million, for his work on the peace process, whatever that is, in Israel/Palestine. (Thanks to Eva Smagacz.)

Being wrong on Iraq continues to pay career dividends

Bruce Wolman on

Bruce Wolman writes: Larry Summers is not the only one raking it in from business interests while temporarily out of public service. Tony Blair is also doing well in the ka-ching-ka-ching department. Mind you Blair is not just a retired…


Philip Weiss on

videos of Israeli gunboats shooting at Palestinian fishing boats. Filmed by a Scot; and the Herald says that Tony Blair’s sister-in-law was on the recent Gaza blockade-run. Change, world, change. (thanks to David Bloom)

The Neocons Vs. the Hearts-and-Minds Party

Philip Weiss on

How amazing that the Conservative Party leader in Britain, David Cameron, is now lashing out at American neoconservatives and denouncing Tony Blair’s “slavish” relationship to the U.S. So the neocons are identified there with Labor. As they have found a…

The message that changed our fate — Balfour at 100

Karama Fadel on

Can anyone credibly state that the result of the Balfour Declaration has not “prejudiced the civil and religious rights of the ‘non-Jewish communities’” (just say it! Palestinians!)? No, it triggered a range of “-cides”: genocide, ethnocide, sociocide, politicide, memoricide and urbicide, all against the Palestinians, the original owners of the land.

Balfour anniversary drives a wedge into British consensus on Israel

Robert Cohen on

At a British Labour Party gathering, Jeremy Corbyn’s biggest applause came when he said the oppression of Palestinians must end. No wonder he snubbed an invitation from the Jewish Leadership Council to commemorate the Balfour Declaration at 100. And no wonder a UK diplomat says Balfour’s promise to non-Jewish communities has gone unfulfilled. Balfour anniversary is dividing British opinion on Israel.

New group challenges role of Israel lobby inside Labour Party as effort to undermine Corbyn continues

Jonathan Cook on

British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at last week’s annual party conference included an unequivocal declaration of solidarity with the Palestinians. The speech came as sections of his party’s establishment demonstrated once again that they are determined to subvert his leadership, using charges of antisemitism to curtail progressive reforms. However, there is a new movement of Jews inside Labour, including anti-Zionists and those who support BDS, that may challenge some long-held party positions and give Corbyn the support he needs to buck the neoliberal status quo.

The crisis of Palestinian governance

Cata Charrett on

Are the moves by Fatah and Hamas towards new elections and a unity government a genuine push for strengthened Palestinian governance, or simply a strategy by faltering politicians to stay in power?

Lessons from Finkelstein: a response to Seth Anderson

Tony Greenstein on

When Seth Anderson urges us to see international law and the two state solution as the basis for resolution of the Israel/Palestine conflict, he ignores the fact that the law has meant nothing in the context of power politics, and that partition would create Palestinian bantustans and leave intact the discriminatory structure of the so-called Jewish state. So writes Tony Greenstein.