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Defending Apartheid: Then in South Africa, now in Palestine

Nima Shirazi on

Beyond the shared “promised land” and “chosen people” rhetoric that has inspired both the Afrikaner and Zionist ideologies of racial, religious, and ethnic supremacy, so has that of land redemption through settler-colonialism and transplanting indigenous populations. The connective tissue between apartheid and Zionism is thick, and not only in that both European colonial ideologies were officially institutionalized and implemented against native peoples as government policy in 1948.

Another prominent liberal Jew runs away from the Zionist label

Philip Weiss on

Holocaust historian Saul Friedlander, an Israeli who teaches at UCLA, was in Israel to receive a prestigious prize, and made these comments in an interview in Haaretz: “I am connected to this country. My eldest son and grandchildren live here but I can’t call myself a Zionist. Not because I feel estranged from Israel but because […]

Netanyahu: ‘There’s a problem the Palestinians are [in the West Bank] . . . I don’t want a binational state, and I don’t want them as citizens or subjects’

Adam Horowitz on

Haaretz reports on a meeting of the Likud Knesset faction today where Benjamin Netanyahu opened up about the US-led negotiations. After saying he had no intention of giving up Hebron, which is outside the Israeli Separation Wall in the West Bank, he made it clear he really has no end game in mind when it comes […]

Iran’s nuclear rights vs. the West’s ‘bombastic diplomacy’

Nima Shirazi on

Reports following the end of the most recent round of talks between six world powers and Iran in Geneva early Sunday morning revealed that, while a preliminary deal was close at hand, the failure to produce a workable agreement was due to unnecessary, last minute intransigence by the French delegation, led by Laurent Fabius, France’s foreign minister. Fabius, much to the ire of the other […]

‘The world doesn’t get it’ — Highlights of Netanyahu’s alienation tour

Philip Weiss on

Some more of the fallout from Benjamin Netanyahu’s anti-charm offensive in the U.S. this week. Amazingly, Netanyahu has managed to offend: Charlie Rose, David Harris of the American Jewish Committee, Roger Cohen, and Ali Abunimah. The prime minister did fireside chats with Charlie Rose and NPR. Rose grew more and more impatient with the prime […]

Iranian president’s description of occupation as a ‘wound’ echoes Obama’s description of conflict

Philip Weiss on

Iran’s president-elect Hassan Rouhani made comments about Jerusalem the other day at a pro-Palestinian rally in Tehran that were then mistranslated and got global attention. The Guardian: Iran’s semi-official Isna news agency misreported Rouhani’s quotes, which were then widely disseminated by western news agencies and prompted Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, to react to remarks […]

Remembrances of Andrew Pochter, slain in Egypt, stress his idealistic immersion in Arab culture

Philip Weiss on

Last Friday, a 21-year-old American student of Arabic, Andrew Pochter, was killed in Alexandria, Egypt during a protest. What emerges from remembrances of Pochter is that the college student was an idealist who felt called to immerse himself in Arab political culture in a fully-engaged manner. He also had pro-Israel leanings; he expressed the hope […]

The Not-So-Complex World of Michael Bloomberg: When a white person does it, it’s not terrorism

Nima Shirazi on

Last week, a threatening letter laced with the deadly chemical ricin was sent from Shreveport, Louisiana to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a response to the mayor’s outspoken support for stricter gun control laws.  Two identical letters, also containing the lethal substance, were addressed to both President Barack Obama and the head of the Washington D.C. lobbying group, […]

In 1948 the Nakba was carried out by the military, in 2013 it continues in courtrooms

Adam Horowitz on

Moriel Rothman uses the Shamasneh family eviction case in Sheikh Jarrah as an example of how the dispossession of the Palestinian people continues today, albeit in less dramatic fashion than 65 years ago. From Rothman’s Times of Israel post “The Shamasneh Case: How the Nakba Continues Legally in East Jerusalem“: The Nakba, which will be […]

Argo’s Oscar and the failure of truth

Nima Shirazi on

This post originally appeared on Nima Shirazi’s website Wide Asleep in America on Saturday, Febuary 23, 2013 (i.e. the day before the Academy Awards) One year ago, after his breathtakingly beautiful Iranian drama, A Separation, won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, writer/director Asghar Farhadi delivered the best acceptance speech of the night. “[A]t […]

Former Israeli Amb to Obama on his visit: ‘You cannot come to an area that exhibits signs of apartheid and ignore them’

Nima Shirazi on

In the wake of recently resurfaced comments allegedly made by Chuck Hagel during a 2010 speech at Rutgers University regarding the risk Israel runs of “becoming an apartheid state if it didn’t allow the Palestinians to form a state,” The Times of Israel has reported even more damning statements made by a former Israeli official. Alon Liel, a former Israeli Foreign Ministry Director-General […]

Think Hagel represents meaningful change for US foreign policy? Think again.

Adam Horowitz and Alex Kane on

The nomination of Chuck Hagel is being celebrated in some circles (including here on this site) as a strike against war with Iran and a colossal failure for the Israel lobby. But even assuming he’s confirmed, there is very little evidence that Hagel will do much to shift an administration that has continued to press […]

Israeli army officer in South Hebron Hills: ‘Today we demolish the mosque but as soon as we get the court order we will demolish your house as well’

Today in Palestine on

Demolition in Mufaqra Perhaps you have read in recent days about the decision of the Israeli government to build more houses in settlements throughout the West Bank as a response to the Palestinian appeal to the UN. But most probably you have not heard (and probably will not hear in the media) about the actions […]

The AP’s George Jahn serves up Israeli propaganda on Iran yet again

Nima Shirazi on

The Associated Press‘ favorite conduit for pathetic Israeli propaganda on the Iranian nuclear program, George Jahn, came out with another doozy on Tuesday.  Under a banner touting a “Big Story,” Jahn published an article headlined, “AP Exclusive: Graph suggests Iran working on bomb,” which purported to show proof that “Iranian scientists have run computer simulations […]

Winona LaDuke: ‘We can’t talk about Israel because we are Israel’

Adam Horowitz on

From activist and author Winona LaDuke on Facebook: “…euro-americans in the United States can’t talk about Gaza, because we can’t talk about Israel. Because we can’t talk about the fact that the world is not suffering from a Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but that the world is suffering from the fact that Europe has never been able […]

Last night’s farce: Any intelligent unbiased person watching this would ask, what’s with the US and Israel?

Philip Weiss on

Last night’s debate was a farce of pandering to Israel. Apparently even Chris Matthews complained about the pandering a number of times last night. Good for you, Matthews! Liberal Zionists are upset because they know this is death to the two-state solution. J Street: “…we are disappointed that neither candidate mentioned the most pressing challenge […]

Alsaafin: The Palestinian Authority is running Israel’s Guantanamo

Today in Palestine on

Palestinian Authority: Running Israel’s Guantanamo, Linah Alsaafin Scores of political detainees held in Israeli jails are released only to then be arrested by the Palestinian Authority, who is living up to its reputation of being Israel’s hired police force. Land Theft and Destruction / Ethnic Cleansing / Restriction of Movement / Apartheid & Occupation […]

Palestinian child prisoners ‘abused’

Today in Palestine on

Land and Property Theft and Destruction / Ethnic Cleansing / Restriction of Movement / Apartheid   Report: occupation plans to expand over forty settlements in West Bank A report issued by Hamas’s Media Office stated that settlement activity and Judaization projects have been escalated, in an unprecedented way, in the occupied city of Jerusalem. […]

Iraq/Iran is ‘feverishly working to develop atomic weapons’ — Netanyahu 2012 echoes Netanyahu 2002

Nima Shirazi on

“Would I counsel, necessarily, a preemptive strike on Iran? I’m not sure. I would be very careful about that.” – Benjamin Netanyahu, September 12, 2002 Journalist Jim Lobe has done a tremendous service to those of us who follow the warmongering propaganda of American and Israeli officials over the Iranian nuclear program.  This week, Lobe reminded us of […]

Some initial thoughts on the MEK being delisted

Nima Shirazi on

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, after I heard that the State Department was set to take the Iranian group Mujahideen al-Khalq (MEK) off the Foreign Terrorist Organization list I emailed Nima Shirazi to ask him his thoughts. Here’s his response. – Adam Horowitz My thoughts are these: US State Dept probably made such a decision for the following […]

State Dept defines settler violence as terrorism

Kate on

For first time, US State Department defines settler violence as terrorism Haaretz 18 Aug — In annual report on terrorism in foreign countries, U.S. government report defines so-called ‘price-tag’ attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank as acts of terror … During 2011, the report says, ten mosques in the West Bank and in Jerusalem […]

Israeli opposition leader accuses Netanyahu of trying to wag the dog

Philip Weiss on

Two additions to Nima Shirazi’s inventory of Israeli efforts to push an American war with Iran. As Nima notes, the mainstream US press is not covering this stuff. Simply amazing.  First, from the Times of Israel, a report that Israel with David Axelrod is trying to broker a political commitment from Obama to attack Iran […]

Death of a self-avowed terrorist

Nima Shirazi on

Palestine Police Force Wanted Poster offering rewards for the capture of Stern Gang members, including (at center) Yitzhak Yezernitzky Sometimes terrible people live long lives.  Such is the case with Icchak Yezernitsky, a Russian-born racist, terrorist and eager ethnic cleanser who is better known to the world as former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir.  Shamir […]