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If you genuinely back the Palestinian cause, you must support the right of return

Badee Dwaik on

Some Israeli movements support Palestinians, but do not recognize a two-state solution based on UN resolutions, including the Right of Return. This means they support an idea of an unjust two-state solution, where a large part of Palestine is being used for the establishment of the Occupying State, and the State of Palestine is being turned into a large prison for the Palestinians, Badee Dwaik of Human Rights Defenders writes.

Israel’s prosecution of Ahed Tamimi is blaming the victim

Ariel Gold on

Ariel Gold writes, “Before we consider whether Ahed deserves a life behind bars, we must first take a closer look at what is a criminal action, and what is a life of enduring state violence. Is it the 16-year-old girl who dares to raise her hand to a fully armed Israeli soldier who is the criminal? Or is it the ongoing illegal occupation that places soldiers in the lives of unarmed teenage girls?”

Doctors urge mental health group not to meet in Israel in light of ‘massive, remorseless’ injury to Palestinians

Mondoweiss Editors on

Psychiatrist Samah Jabr and three US mental health clinicians called on the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (IARPP) to reconsider its decision to hold its 2019 international meeting in Israel because the state is “perpetrating massive injury to the Palestinian people, through its relentless assault on the minds and bodies of its individuals and its remorseless ambition to annihilate Palestinian history, culture, economy, artifacts, architecture, and community life.”

Where is the #MeToo movement for Ahed Tamimi

Ariel Gold and Taylor Morley on

As the #MeToo movement continues to build and uplift more marginalized voices CODEPINK’s Ariel Gold and Taylor Morley write that Ahed Tamimi should be regarded as a pillar in the movement: “Ahed is revoking her consent for Israel’s brutal occupation. She refuses to give her consent to Israeli forces that invade her family’s home in yet another vicious, meritless night raid. She continually confronts her aggressors and stands up to the violent system of power that keeps perpetuating this cycle of abuse against Palestinians, and for that, she is threatened with sexual violence. Now is the time for voices in the #MeToo movement to call for her release and help draw the parallels.”

Pop star ‘Lorde’ honors BDS call, cancels Tel Aviv concert

Sheren Khalel on

The pop singer Lorde announced on Sunday that she would be canceling her June 5th performance in Tel Aviv after pressure from the Palestinian BDS movement. “I had done a lot of reading and sought a lot of opinions before deciding to book a show in Tel Aviv, but I’m not too proud to admit I didn’t make the right call on this one,” the singer wrote on social media explaining her decision.

New Yorkers rally in solidarity with Ahed Tamimi

Jesse Rubin on

Through a bullhorn to cut through the hum of holiday shoppers, some forty people rallied in New York City’s Union Square Friday night in support and solidarity for Ahed Tamimi, the 16-year-old Palestinian girl arrested by Israeli soldiers during a pre-dawn raid of her family’s home in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. Mariah Tamimi called Ahed the best representative for her people, telling Mondoweiss, “she inspires me; and I think she inspires the rest of Palestine.”

How Palestinians can transform statelessness into strength

Ahmed Moor on

Ahmed Moor writes that the main failure of the Palestinian leadership is that they act as though Israel can be maneuvered through negotiations with a heavyweight tipping the scales in their favor, even though history has shown this will not be successful. Nonetheless, he writes, there is a path forward: “By restating the goals of the Palestinian national movement, away from state building and towards human rights and dignity, the PLO, Hamas, and the PA may fundamentally alter their dynamic with Israel. The pursuit of equal rights is the only mechanism for transforming statelessness into strength.”

Palestinians celebrate resounding Trump and Israel failure at the UN

Palestinian BDS National Committee on

Today, the overwhelming majority of the world’s nations at the UN General Assembly voted 128-9 in favor of a resolution calling on the United States to overturn its decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Omar Barghouti, speaking on behalf of the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), responded by saying: “This vote is further proof that the far-right Israeli-Trump alliance is more isolated than ever as the overwhelming majority of nations are finally recognizing its fatal attempt to undermine both Palestinian rights and the very rule of international law. Holding Israel accountable for its egregious, decades-old human rights violations is crucial to upholding both.”

The case for US government sanctions on Israel

Jeff Warner and Dick Platkin on

LA Jews for Peace’s Jeff Warner and Dick Platkin make the case that now is the time to advocate for U.S. sanctions on Israel: “a December 2016 Brookings public opinion poll reveals that nearly half of the U.S. public supports sanctions on Israel – including a majority of self-identifying Democrats. This increased support for U.S. government sanctions indicates that now is the time for political groups committed to a just resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict to lead public opinion, not follow or ignore it.”

Massachusetts lawmakers to vote on anti-BDS bill after going on free trip to Israel and West Bank settlements

Nancy Murray on

Just before Massachusetts state lawmakers are to vote on an anti-BDS bill, 13 of them were whisked away on an all-expenses paid trip to Israel by a group that is lobbying for the legislation. “The trip is disturbing on many levels,” states Elsa Auerbach of JVP Boston.  “First, of course, no public official who is considering a piece of legislation should accept an all-expense paid trip from the very lobbying group that has written the legislation.”

Trump nominee Kenneth Marcus has a career of trying to criminalize campus free speech

Ariel Gold on

Ariel Gold writes: American Jews generally take great pride in the support we have shown for civil rights and free speech. As such, we should be appalled at the nomination of Kenneth Marcus for Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Education. His appointment will greatly damage free speech rights on campuses.

Only grassroots activism and global solidarity can bring justice to Palestine

Nada Elia on

Nada Elia: It is likely President Trump had no clue what his “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” declaration heralded. He may have been aspiring for “the deal of the century,” when all he has done is unwittingly announce the end of a farce.  With the cumbersome “peace process” out of the way, we can focus on the real solution:  grassroots activism and global solidarity.  

The world’s anger toward Trump gives Palestinians a clear path for action

Haidar Eid on

We must translate all this anger worldwide over Trump’s Jerusalem announcement into a plan of action, writes Haidar Eid. It is time to get rid of the racist two state solution, renounce the Oslo Accords, and come up with a democratic alternative. We must use BDS, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions as the leading torch towards peace with justice in Palestine.

Living away from Gaza

Tamam Abusalama on

Tamam Abusalama left Gaza when she was a teenager to study in Europe, and escape the Israeli siege. Here she writes about what this has meant for her family: “I still remember as if it happened now how startling it was to see dad’s tears falling on his cheeks while hugging me when I left Gaza 6 years ago. It seems that he felt that it was our last hug and would be difficult to meet again in Gaza. And I am still unable to believe how can oppressing authorities have the power to deprive me of my right of hugging my favorite man on earth.”

Gaza youth speak out on Jerusalem

We Are Not Numbers on

Youth in Gaza respond to President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and setting in motion a plan to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the fiercely contested Holy City. “Hearing the news that the United States will declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel feels like some stranger has assaulted me in my home. It hurts deep in the heart,” writes Nedaa Al-Abadlah.

Human rights groups call on ‘Giro’ to move start of 2018 bike race from occupied Jerusalem

Mondoweiss Editors on

Cycling fans around the world were shocked by the news in September that the first of the three great annual bike races– the Giro d’Italia, which kicks off in May — would start in occupied Jerusalem. A coalition of 120 groups, joined by Noam Chomsky and Richard Falk, are calling on the Giro to move the start, saying that it is an effort to mask Israel’s human rights record and clean up its international image on its 70th birthday.

Save our village from Israeli bulldozers: an open letter from Susiya

Nasser Nawajaa on

An open letter from Susiya Village Council spokesperson Nasser Nawajaa: “As I write this letter, our village, Susiya, located in the south Hebron Hills of the occupied West Bank of Palestine, is in immediate threat of demolition. The only way to stop the demolition is through international pressure.”

Fellow professor rallies for support around Hatem Bazian

Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi on

Last week Dr. Hatem Bazian, a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, became subject to intense criticism and calls for his dismissal after it came to light that months earlier he had retweeted an anti-Semitic meme. The incident follows years of false accusations of anti-Semitism and outlandish claims. Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi, a professor at the nearby San Francisco State University, explained in emails this week to her colleagues and the UC Berkeley Chancellor that Bazian is being victimized by a campaign: “I urge you to strong reject this bullying and smear campaign. I call on you to publicly defend Dr. Bazian against this witch hunt.”

From DC to Jerusalem: fighting displacement and colonization

Sara Swetzoff on

An event in Washington DC featuring Jerusalem activist Fayrouz Sharqawi, Brookland Manor tenant leader Cheryl Brunson, and community organizer Yasmina Mrabet highlighted the parallels of women fighting to protect their homes and communities in both occupied East Jerusalem and gentrified Washington DC.

BDS movement holds its first regional anti-normalization conference in Kuwait

Palestinian BDS National Committee on

The BDS Gulf conference, which was welcomed by the speaker of the Kuwaiti parliament and attended by a number of parliamentarians from several GCC countries, called for the adoption of national laws and regulations that would require private entities and public institutions alike to exclude companies complicit in Israel’s regime of occupation, colonialism and apartheid from bids and contracts.

Lockheed Martin: A global giant in supporting of Israeli war crimes

Ariel Gold and Haley Pedersen on

Weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin literally makes a killing off of killing. The company’s notorious F-16 fighter jet came into Israel’s possession in 1980, two years before Israel’s first war with Lebanon. Since that time, the company’s fighter jets have been integral to Israel’s brutal military campaigns in Lebanon and Palestine. When considering companies to target for their entanglement in Israel’s human rights violations, Lockheed Martin should make the top of everyone’s lists.

Top Israeli official admits that boycotting just the settlements is meaningless

Jonathan Ofir on

Ron Brummer from Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Hasbara, recently confirmed that there is no separate economic system for Israel inside the occupation and outside it. “If you want to divest from the West Bank… you have to divest from Israel.” This is clarifying. Liberal Zionists who have supported settlement boycotts only need to choose sides. Are they for freedom or apartheid?