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High-quality journalism is vital to building democracy and promoting positive civic engagement. When you advertise with Mondoweiss, you are supporting a public service and giving readers crucial access to strong, independent reporting and analysis.

Mondoweiss is a project of Center for Economic Research and Social Change, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. As a mission-driven, nonprofit news organization, we accept advertising only from sponsors whose practices do not violate our values. Foremost among these is the principle of equality and full human rights for all who live in Israel/Palestine or who are refugees living in exile from their homes in historic Palestine. We reserve the right to reject advertising from any entity that, in our sole discretion, works against this principle; practices bigotry of any kind, destructive labor or environmental practices, or other systematic exploitation; may offend our readers; or promotes visually, verbally or by reputation ideas or information that is: patently false, libelous, exploitative, hateful, or would be detrimental to the social responsibilities of the organization.

Mondoweiss maintains complete editorial independence from advertisers, which have and will have no influence whatsoever on the direction or content of our reporting.


Per Google Analytics, we receive over 1 million page views per month, with approximately 485,000 unique users per month. When major developments occur either in Palestine/Israel or around US policy, we see surges in site audience–at times up to 90,000 or 100,000 views in one day (in July 2014, during the Gaza offensive, we had 295,000 views on one day).

The Mondoweiss audience is an educated, curious group that takes its values seriously—a good fit for values-driven advertisers with products or services related to Palestine, human rights or political analysis.

As of October 2016, our ads are priced at $2 per thousand impressions (CPM) and $3/CPM depending on size and location. Advertising on websites with traffic comparable to ours is priced from less than $1/CPM to more than $50/CPM.

Minimum purchase is 50,000 impressions; advertisers can purchase any multiple of 25,000 impressions. Ads will automatically expire when the purchased number has been reached, and advertisers will receive a notice offering an option of renewal depending on space availability.

There is evidence showing that readers stop seeing advertising that remains the same over time. We rotate advertisements in each slot with the goal of re-awakening readers’ attention.


Leaderboard: 728 pixels wide x 90 pixels high, $2/CPM
Appears on: All site pages (Home page, Posts, Static Pages such as “About”)
Number and rotation of Leaderboard slots: Up to two slots per page (top of page and potentially one other), up to four ads rotating through.

Square: 250 pixels wide x 250 pixels high, $2/CPM
Appears on: Posts (in the right margin immediately to the right of post content)
Number and rotation of Square slots: Up to two slots per post, up to five ads rotating through.

Skyscraper: 250 pixels wide x 500 pixels high, $3/CPM
Appears on: Posts (in the right margin immediately to the right of post content)
Number and rotation of Skyscraper slots: Up to two slots per post, up to five ads rotating through.


  • All advertisements are subject to Mondoweiss’s approval before payment is made. No guarantee is offered here that all ads will be accepted for display on
  • All ads on the Mondoweiss website are clickable links to landing pages where advertisers are in complete control of the longer message.
  • Mondoweiss does not endorse or approve of any messages that exist outside the Mondoweiss website.
  • We will not allow any advertisements counter to our values of full human equality and fundamental human rights. Advertisers can be confident that their message will not appear next to any that might be offensive.
  • Unacceptable advertising: Mondoweiss will decline any advertising material which it deems to be
    • Sales pitches, puffery (“This is the best flashlight ever made”), comparison advertising, or deadline-driven pricing incentives (“Act now to receive 10% discount”).
    • Political Ads: Messages in support of or against a specific political figure, candidate or party. Issue messages must stick to the issue and may not be directed at a political figure or promote a political candidate or party.
    • Advocacy/Lobbying Ads: Ads that reference a specific piece of legislation, or advocate for or against legislative change (i.e., “Contact your legislator about this issue”).
  • All advertising will be in banner ads (to be submitted as single jpg or png files in the appropriate dimensions, at 72 dpm resolution or higher).
  • Advertisers must submit payment, a digital file in the appropriate dimensions, and the URL you want readers to see when they click on the ad. In order to process payments, we require the name of a contact person, the name of the paying entity, contact address, phone and email. You will receive an invoice by email with instructions for paying online or by check.

For more information or to submit an ad, contact [email protected]


  1. Mondoweiss reserves the right to reject or cancel advertising without notice.
  2. All position instructions on orders are considered as requests only.
  3. All orders are accepted subject to rates in effect on the date of submission. Failure to charge or otherwise deliver in accordance with the rate card is regarded as a clerical error, and publication is made and charged upon terms of schedule in force without further notice.
  4. Cancellations or changes in orders may not be considered executed unless acknowledged by Mondoweiss.
  5. Mondoweiss will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on contracts, orders, or copy instructions, which conflict with set policies.
  6. All advertising is published upon the understanding that the advertiser and the agency assume full and complete responsibility and liability for advertising submitted, printed, or published. Advertisers and their agencies will indemnify and hold Mondoweiss harmless from and against loss or expense arising from publication of such advertisements including, but not limited to, those resulting from claims or suits for libel, violation of rights or privacy, plagiarism, and copyright infringement.
  7. The liability of Mondoweiss for any error for which Mondoweiss may be held legally responsible will not exceed the cost of the space.
  8. All advertising insertion orders are accepted subject to the condition that Mondoweiss should have no liability for failure to execute accepted advertising orders because of acts of God, governmental restrictions, fires, strikes, accidents, or other occurrences beyond the publisher’s control (whether like or unlike any of those enumerated herein).
  9. In the event of nonpayment, Mondoweiss reserves the right to hold the advertiser and/or the advertising agency liable for such monies as are due and payable to Mondoweiss.