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Hany Abu-Assad’s ‘Omar’ bags Oscar nomination for Palestine

Nominations for the 2014 Academy Awards were announced this morning and as has become somewhat of a common occurrence there was good news for Palestine. Following ’5 Broken Cameras”s nomination last year in the Feature Documentary category, Hany Abu-Assad’s ‘Omar’ will represent Palestine in the Foreign Language Film category this year up against films from Belgium, Italy, Denmark and Cambodia.

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Israeli settlers set mosque on fire as UN says settler attacks have quadrupled in last 8 years

The Independent reports that according to figures from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs the rate of settler attacks on Palestinians have quadrupled in the last eights year.

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Far-right politician calls for moment of silence for Sharon at European Parliament. Parliament says ‘no’

Kuwait News Agency: President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, Monday rejected a call to hold a minute’s silence in the memory of Ariel Sharon.

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Tribute fit for the King: Knesset member says Israel should honor Sharon with a settlement in his name

There will undoubtably be many proposals in Israel on the best way to memorialize Ariel Sharon. It is hard to argue with Knesset member Moti Yogev who says Israel should construct a West Bank settlement in Sharon’s honor.

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Israeli settlement exports from the Jordan Valley down $29 million in 2013 due to international boycott

The Associated Press reports that the success of the international boycott movement is starting to squeeze Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley.

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Russell Simmons tweets condolences for Ariel Sharon but then takes it back after remembering who he was

Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons ran into some trouble today on Twitter when he shared his condolences on the passing of Ariel Sharon.

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Reactions to Ariel Sharon’s death over social media (Updated)

A storify collection of responses to the death of Ariel Sharon.

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Palestine, 1927

Photo of Arabic and Hebrew on a Palestinian coin from 1927.

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Knesset votes down the two-state solution

The Israeli Knesset voted down a bill that would prohibit Israel from unilaterally annexing Palestinian land.

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Chilean soccer team puts Palestine front and center

The Palestine Football Club, Deportivo Palestino, based in Santiago, Chile recently redesigned their jerseys replacing the number 1 with an image of Palestine.

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As Kerry leaves Israel, Netanyahu announces 272 new settlement homes

In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, Israel has seen U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry out the door by announcing 272 new homes in two West Bank settlements. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Naftali Bennett announced today that his Habayit Hayehudi party “will never accept an agreement based on the 1967 lines.”

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Netanyahu: ‘There’s a problem the Palestinians are [in the West Bank] . . . I don’t want a binational state, and I don’t want them as citizens or subjects’

Haaretz reports on a meeting of the Likud Knesset faction today where Benjamin Netanyahu opened up about the US-led negotiations.

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JNF on why blue box has no green line: ‘This doesn’t say this is a map of Israel’

Forward writer Josh Nathan-Kazis follows up on our post from last week on the fact that the iconic Jewish National Fund blue box fails to show the green line on its map of Israel.

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JNF ‘Blue Box’ erases Green Line

The iconic JNF blue boxes fail to show the green line demarcating Israel’s internationally recognized border.

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Israel’s war on Christmas rages on

In what has become a yearly holiday tradition, the Israeli government is attempting to quash official attempts to recognize Christmas.

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In response to ASA boycott vote, Lawrence Summers calls academic boycotts ‘abhorrent’ and then calls for a boycott of the ASA

Larry Summers was on the Charlie Rose show yesterday and was asked about the American Studies Association (ASA) vote on the academic boycott of Israel.

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Despite being hard up for cash, Netanyahu (sorta) makes an appearance at Mandela memorial after all

Quick update on our campaign to send Benjamin Netanyahu to the Mandela Memorial.

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Shimon Peres on Mandela and Apartheid: Now & Then

Shimon Peres praises Nelson Mandela now that he has died, but Peres was the person most responsible for establishing the military relationship between Israel and Apartheid South Africa.

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In 1990 ‘Nightline’ town hall, Jewish leaders call Mandela ‘hypocritical’ and ‘amoral’ over support for PLO, Koppel warns it isn’t politically wise to upset lobby

In a 1990 New York town hall meeting broadcast on Nightline, Ted Koppel presses Nelson Mandela on his support for the Palestinians and the political fallout this may cause in the U.S.

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Like the status quo? Ever wanted to stand on the front line against human rights? Apply here!

The Jewish Community Relations Council in San Francisco is hiring a Counter-BDS Grassroots Organizer.

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‘NYT’ article on Palestinian refugees manages to quote Israeli govt spox but no Palestinians

An Isabel Kershner article on a photo exhibit about Palestinian refugees gives more space to Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor to denounce the exhibit than to UNWRA staffers to explain it. And ignores actual Palestinian refugees all together.

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International ‘Day of Rage’ against the Prawer Plan today

Today, activists in Israel/Palestine, and around the world, will carry out a “day of rage” to protest the Prawer Plan, an Israeli government plan to destroy 35 Arab villages in the Negev desert that will lead to the forced displacement of up to 70,000 Bedouin citizens of the state of Israel in order to clear the land for Israeli Jews. The call to action for the protests says, “Injustice, humiliation and forced displacement are a recurring theme in Palestine’s history. This is lesson that we as a group of youth take to the heart. We will oppose, resist and work against the continuous assault that our communities, across Palestine face. Therefore, we launched the ‘Prawer will not pass’ campaign with an eye to preventing this plan to be yet another chapter in Palestine’s long and tragic history. Opposing the Prawer Plan is to oppose ethnic cleansing, displacement and confinement in the 21st century. “

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Israel supporters target New America Foundation for upcoming event with Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal is scheduled to discuss his book Goliath at the New America Foundation in Washington DC on Wednesday, December 4th. Afraid that Blumenthal’s reporting has breached the walls of the beltway, Israel’s defenders have started the predictable McCarthyite campaign to shut it down.

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Boston Globe reporter defends absence of Bedouin and Palestinians from article on water in the Negev

Boston-area Palestinian rights activist Nancy Murray recently wrote Boston Globe reporter Erin Ailworth about her November 17th article “In Israel, water where there was none”, read their correspondence.

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Contribute to the ‘Stop Veolia Zine Project’

Stop Veolia Seattle is a new working group organizing around discontinuing King County’s contract with Veolia for the operation of Metro Access Buses in Seattle. They are publishing a Zine to promote the campaign and are asking for submissions

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