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New Feature Announcement: Number of Replies to Comments on Profile

In commenter profiles, you will be able to see how many replies any given post has generated.

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Israel seeks to ban the Palestinian protest movement from iOS store

Arab springtime is welcomed in Syria and Libya but not in Israel. Israel’s determination to follow South Africa’s apartheid path seems relentless.

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Major New Weblog Features: The Anti Hypocrite Tools

In celebration of the arrival of summer, a new set of Anti Hypocrite Tools. To help you catch bad faith contradictory comments.

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Editable comments | Site Improvements

Improvements to come in 2010 for Mondoweiss include profile pages where you’ll be able to read people’s comments.

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Double your donation in December, get two gifts!

An anonymous donor will match your holiday season gifts. In thanks we are sending you two gifts. A beautiful heavy mondoblue t-shirt with a copy of our just published Goldstone Report.

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