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A few decades on, ‘Commentary’ discovers the Nakba

Today, Commentary has been more or less liveblogging events, with 7 posts up about ‘Nakba day’ (as they too call it). Of course, there’s little mention of the actual Nakba, but it’s very clear from their flailing that they’re very … Continue reading

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Weiner said Egypt will be an Islamic state, and Israel will be a Jewish one

More reaction to last Thursday night’s debate between Brooklyn congressman Anthony Weiner and former Washington State congressman Brian Baird at the New School, moderated by Roger Cohen. I just transcribed this piece of one of Weiner’s responses. It’s begging to … Continue reading

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Neocon concedes that Egypt-Israel treaty is liability for U.S.

From a post at Lobelog: Lee Smith, the Weekly Standard writer and Hudson fellow, had some difficult truths to tell the hardline Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). In a phone briefing, …Smith discussed how support for Israel and its peace treaty with Egypt led … Continue reading

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Lesson from Egypt: How to reject a literary prize…

British writer Ian McEwan took a lot of heat for accepting the Jerusalem Book Prize. The literary award is given out every two years at the Jerusalem International Book Fair, an event that appears to be put on by the Jerusalem municipal government. In response … Continue reading

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Heated Israeli Suez rhetoric burden on U.S.?

The earth reportedly shook as two Iranian naval boats approached the Suez Canal on Monday morning. For the U.S., though, the building tension over the (delayed, for now) passage could result in diplomatic, not literal, earthquakes. When the news was first announced last week … Continue reading

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All eyes on Egypt– but Pipes looks at Iran

This is a crosspost from Lobelog. Everyone’s watching Egypt. Everyone. But Daniel Pipes sees right through it, to where Iran is lurking in the background. It’s right there in the opinion section of the Washington Times, where even Frank Gaffney … Continue reading

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Some brought their children out in the streets, others threw food down to the protesters

Ali Gharib posted the following notes from Cairo/June 28 at Lobelog. The following is a set of edited notes from a conversation between myself and IPS’s correspondent in Egypt, Emad Mekay, who was filing dispatches for LobeLog until the Internet … Continue reading

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The establishment sees the (day)light

Two scholars at top think tanks on either side of the Atlantic Ocean just came out with a new book: The Sixth Crisis: Iran, Israel, America, and the Rumors of War.     I haven’t read the book yet, but I did … Continue reading

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The Goldbergian principle: People who hate Jews are anti-Semites, anti-Zionists are anti-Semites, thus anti-Semites who like Israel are just fine.

After the break-up the latest plot by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) to attack the U.S. by FedExing bombs set to blow up in mid-air, Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic set out to use the attempted attack as a way to disprove ‘linkage‘ – ie, the notion … Continue reading

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Where is the ‘center’ of American Zionism?

Many of the liberal pro-Israel lobby J Street’s detractors from the American Jewish right complain that the group is outside the ‘mainstream of American Jewish opinion’ because it makes mild criticisms of Israeli policy and takes a dovish approach to … Continue reading

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By TNR’s lights, George W Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are liberals too!

Says Adam Kirsch at the New Republic:

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Rep. Sherman: prosecute U.S. citizens involved with Gaza flotilla

On a press call hosted by a pro-Israel organization, Rep. Brad Sherman, Democrat of California, told reporters that he intends seek the prosecution of any U.S. citizens who were aboard or involved with the Freedom Flotilla. “The Antiterrorism and Effective … Continue reading

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In NPT, US sacrifices its own policy goals to serve as Israel’s lawyer

Obama administration officials complained repeatedly that Israel was ‘singled out’ in the new Mid East NPT document, but it turns out that it was the U.S. itself that put Israel front and center. In addition to Israel, Pakistan and India … Continue reading

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Obama says nuclear-free Middle East is good goal– with an asterisk

Well, the five-year review conference of the UN’s Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty yielded some headlines in its waning moments: NPT countries, including the U.S., produced a document calling for a 2012 conference to discuss a nuclear free Middle East. The U.S. … Continue reading

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Qumsiyeh: we’re reaching the ‘endgame’ of an anti-colonialist struggle

The view from the West Bank: "Looking out from my window," Mazin Qumsiyeh, a Palestinian professor and activist, said on a press call hosted by the Institute for Middle East Understanding yesterday, "I’m seeing the settlement of Har Homa, the … Continue reading

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All the nukes that’s fit to print (cont’d)

The infographic accompanying yesterday’s New York Times article on the U.S.’s attempt to head off a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race is — as one might have expected — missing a little bit of ink. Guess where? Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Joseph Massad reads from the Zionist dictionary

The patent absurdity of much of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict begs for a satirical treatment. On Wednesday night at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, Professor Joseph Massad answered the call with an incisive and funny lecture on "the language … Continue reading

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Homogeneity in Israel causes culture shock to diversity after just 18 months

Phil mashed up my post on the Mamilla talk at Columbia and an article about the Olmert scandal by Isabel Kershner in the New York Times to ask an important question: "Are there non-Jews in West Jerusalem?" I’m going riff … Continue reading

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Will the absurdity of Mamilla open people’s eyes?

Before going to Rashid Khalidi and Michael Ratner’s talk on the Mamilla Cemetery at Columbia University last week, I had a drink with a friend who is completely ignorant about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — not even on his radar. I … Continue reading

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Yes I am bad for owning the whole loaf but you are just as bad for dreaming you can own it

Did you listen to Ethan Bronner’s multimedia report on the article where you rightly point out that he only called Israelis? He says that both sides have elements that oppose the two-state solution. And for both it is giving something … Continue reading

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Friedman Beat Goldstone to Gaza/Lebanon Comparison

I’m glad to see that Mondoweiss is posting relevant pieces of the Goldstone Report chunk-by-chunk — bite-sized morsels from the hundreds of pages of documents in the full report. But we didn’t need Goldstone to confirm that the Israel Defense … Continue reading

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Low Expectations for Hard Bigotry in Israel

I just got an e-mail from an Israeli PR firm that proclaimed, in bold, caps-lock, underlined type: "Israelis More Tolerant of Islam Than Swiss." The release, datelined Jerusalem, came on behalf of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, a coalition created … Continue reading

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Abe Foxman catches foot in mouth in the Huffington Post

Abe Foxman tries to discredit Obama’s settlement push in the Huffington Post by implying he is being a patsy for the Arabs, but instead he inadvertently reminds us that there is a widely held consensus that the US has been one sided for too long. Continue reading

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