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Allan C. Brownfeld is a nationally syndicated columnist and serves as Associate Editor of THE LINCOLN REVIEW and editor of ISSUES. The author of five books, he has served on the staff of the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and the Office of the Vice President.

Denial of Palestinian self-determination in the 40s haunts U.S. policy to this day

Allan Brownfeld writes that John Judis has written an important history of Zionist lobbying in the 1940s in his book on Truman, showing that “a triumph for Zionism in 1948 has been an enduring catastrophe” for Palestinians.

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Zionism has distorted American Jewish life

Allan Brownfeld argues that Zionism has caused many American Jews to behave as if they are in an expatriate community, and created the glaring hypocrisy of supporting human rights and separation of church and state here but not in Palestine

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American Jews believe in separation of church and state, not ‘theocracy’

‘It is sad that so many in the Jewish establishment believe that America is not enough’ — Allan Brownfeld of the American Council for Judaism, on why the American Jewish establishment is on the wane

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The true crisis of Zionism: silent majority of US Jews have never supported it

US Jews have always thought Judaism was a religion not a political party supporting nationalism in the Middle East

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