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I watch as Jewish settlements engulf East Jerusalem

I went strolling through occupied East Jerusalem around our neighboring settlement, Pisgat Zee’v, the other day… The Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina is now surrounded by settlement construction. Neve Yaakov on the north now meets Pisgat Ze’ev on the east.

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It’s not about cultural merit

In yesterday’s Ha’aretz, Gideon Levy argues for the abandonment/removal of Israel’s illegal settlements from an uncommon standpoint: He lambasts the settlements, as civic/economic/aesthetic entities, for their lack of contribution to the betterment of Israeli society, and says that this ‘uselessness’ … Continue reading

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One-state Palestinian thinktank says, We cannot wait for Israel to shape our future

A few weeks back, our Jerusalem correspondent, Anees, reported that signs were popping up in Ramallah promoting the one-state solution– one of them is above. The group behind the signs was "Takamol," but Anees could get no fix on what … Continue reading

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Ads promoting one democratic state pop up in Ramallah

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Chris is west and Palestine is east, and never the twain shall meet

In this Hardball clip, at around 2:25, Chris Matthews says George Mitchell has to cross the Allenby bridge to get to Ramallah! Hello!! And Ethan Bronner doesn’t bother correcting him either.

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A Palestinian reflects on the lifelong experience of Israeli viciousness

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Unfairly balanced

Earlier today I read the BBC’s report on the fifth anniversary of the Bil’in protests against the Annexation Wall. It was not one of the worst the BBC has done on I/P; yet I got angry at the enforced, distorted … Continue reading

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Rebranding the ‘New York Times’

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Chronicles of rejectionism (and Oxford American English)

Norman Finkelstein frequently mentions in his discussions on Israel/Palestine the fact that Israel and the United States are largely alone (with the exception of a couple of Pacific island nations, plus recently either Canada or Australia) in standing against what he … Continue reading

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Gaza, a year on: The (mental) siege continues

Reading Donald MacIntyre’s recent piece on Gaza in The Independent I was reminded of the infamous May 2004 Jerusalem Post interview of Arnon Sofer, the original strategist behind Sharon’s Gaza Strip pullout: When 2.5 million people live in a closed-off Gaza, … Continue reading

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Masters on a hill

A microcosm of the white man’s trauma, usurpation, entitlement, patronization, that is Israel. From Ynet: Residents of the Palestinian village of Arb al-Ramdin were surprised to discover Sunday that their water supply had been shut down. The village, which is … Continue reading

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A Personals Ad For Palestine

My friend Alan and I were discussing the Palestinian Authority’s new move to gather support for a UN recognition of a Palestinian state, and I expressed how unfair it is that the EU is refusing (along with the US of course) … Continue reading

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While the dispossessed were sleeping

Here is some few-months-old news that received little attention: In August, Israel’s Knesset passed a bill legislating the sale of absentee Palestinian property to private buyers. Full story at IMEU and Guardian UK. What it means is, if you are … Continue reading

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Exclusive report from Jerusalem

I can’t say anything more than that it’s all exceedingly unbelievable bullshit.

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Memo to Michael Oren: There’s a water crisis in the West Bank

You report that Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren says that Palestinians are doing fine with water. This is a complete misrepresentation. I just dug up this short video done as part of TVE’s Earth Report show, circa 2004. It shows Jeff … Continue reading

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Talk to Ambassador Rice about the future

Adam Horowitz said it earlier, Israel simply asked and the US delivered. "We have very serious concerns about many of the recommendations in the [Goldstone] report… We have long expressed our very serious concern with the mandate that was given … Continue reading

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the Gaza international lip service

I am so angry. The massacre happens. And no one does anything. People in Gaza are still living in the rubble of the destruction. The UN commission report happens. CNN mentions it, shows a clip of Justice Goldstone speaking then interviews … Continue reading

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Uri Avnery is against BDS

In his latest column, Uri Avnery argues—badly—against the boycott movement. Basically, the fact that a boycott will offend Israelis (heaven forbid!) is a non-starter for him, even when BDS is just a temporary means to an end: the end of … Continue reading

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Israel stops US basketball players from coming to Palestine

According to Hannah Murphy’s piece in The Guardian, sometime between April and the present, Israel has harassed/sent back American basketball players because they were coming to play in Palestinian teams. Several American basketball players have been refused entry at Tel … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Post reporter says she is not allowed to go into West Bank

Jerusalem Post reporter says she is not allowed to go into the West Bank

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‘I think this is the most emotional event I’ve ever done’ (Naomi Klein in Ramallah)

Anees of Jerusalem writes: Yesterday Naomi Klein gave a great talk at the Friends School in Ramallah. It was a short addendum to her January piece in The Nation supporting the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) movement against Israel. I…
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In England, Palestinian cause draws Gwyneth, Kate, other celebs

Here’s a piece in the London gossips on the Hoping Foundation– “an organization that is dedicated to showing Palestinian refugee children that their struggle to transform their lives is encouraged and supported by people in Britain and throughout the rest…
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‘Yale University book portrays my kin as barbarians’–Anees of Jerusalem

Anees of Jerusalem was upset by reading here about Benny Morris’s new book, One State, Two States, where he says that Palestinians value human life less than Israelis, and are lousier drivers, and so he wrote to the publisher, Yale…
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Why Jews are superior to Palestinians

Great piece by BBC News on Natan Brun, a legal historian in Israel who is the son of Akiva Brun, a member of the Stern Gang who was arrested and charged in 1947 for plotting terror in London. Reporter Tim…
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Reading Finkelstein in Palestine

Anees of Jerusalem writes to me: Another North American college professor, Margo Ramlal-Nankoe of Ithaca College, alleges pro-Zionist prejudice was the reason behind her career block. Norman Finkelstein is quoted saying that it’s a case of “tenure tragedy”: “It simply…
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