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Shmuel Rosner’s RX in the NYT: Occupation forever

I find this New York Times op-ed by Shmuel Rosner, “Don’t Annex the West Bank,” pretty radical. Here are its main points: 1. The settler right of Uri Elitzur and left of Reuven Rivlin are ready to annex the West Bank and … Continue reading

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Why is the American elite scared of BDS?

Despite being at Berkeley, with its liberal reputation, I was reminded repeatedly that talking about Palestine, standing up for Muslim and Arab students, and opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan not only made tongues wag with accusations of anti-Americanism, it also simultaneously brought the intense scrutiny of state agencies with respect to my activism and paradoxically the conscious neglect of the state when I received death threats –Snehal Shingavi

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Palestinian Brit trying to volunteer in Bethlehem interrogated for five hours at Ben Gurion airport

Anonymous, 18, is a Greek-Palestinian British student who lives in London. The author usually goes to Jordan every 2 years, but never had the chance to go to Palestine and hoped to this year as part of a volunteering program. … Continue reading

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‘The bra is a security threat’: Harassment and interrogation at Ben Gurion airport

Here is yet another story of a Palestinian being harassed while trying to travel through Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. Anonymous lives in Berkeley, her father is Palestinian and her mother is Jewish. Here she recounts how she was interrogated and strip searched while trying to leave Israel/Palestine after visiting family in Jaffa and Tel Aviv, “I had been mistreated, combed out of the crowd and profiled, my time wasted and my dignity subsequently stepped all over without a second thought. I had been treated like a criminal for having an identity that I was born into, told explicitly in each of these actions that I did not belong here and had no place here at all as a person with Palestinian heritage. Harassed and picked out from the rest because of my name, my history, the assumptions that go with them, and my very intention to visit my family, many of who cannot visit me in the USA.”

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David Brooks’s track record on lesser cultures and religions that lack the ‘democratic mentality’

For many years, NYT columnist David Brooks has found that some cultures are “resistant” to progress and lack the “democratic mentality.” You’d never guess which!

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It is not him who is under anesthesia, it is us

Saturday night in Tel Aviv a 52-year-old man named Moshe Silman immolated himself during a march marking the one year anniversary of the J14 protest movement within Israel. Ynet reports, “Eye witnesses said Silman read out a letter before pouring flammable liquid over himself and setting himself on fire. He left copies of the letter scattered on the ground. . . ‘The State of Israel robbed me and left me with nothing,’ he wrote.” Here is a reaction from an anonymous protester who was in the crowd in Tel Aviv.

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Resisting Counter-Revolution: Egypt’s elections under military rule

Activists in Egypt reject the current elections as a strategy to derail the goals of the revolution to oust the Mubarak regime.

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Comrades in Cairo send solidarity, and advice, to Occupy Wall Street

To all those in the United States currently occupying parks, squares and other spaces, your comrades in Cairo are watching you in sol­i­dar­ity. Having received so much advice from you about tran­si­tion­ing to democracy, we thought it’s our turn to … Continue reading

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Open letter to Gaddafi supporter Cynthia McKinney from disappointed Palestinians

Dearest Cynthia McKinney, Two years ago, you spoke out against Israel’s human rights abuses in Palestine. You were even put in an Israeli prison after your attempts to help deliver medical supplies and humanitarian aid on a ship to Gaza … Continue reading

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Noteworthy milestones toward a Palestinian state

This week, key international organizations have come closer to endorsing Palestinian readiness for an independent state. Notably, in preparation for tomorrow’s meeting in Brussels of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), a 12-member committee of the European Union and United … Continue reading

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Obama sets his strategy: Arab advocates for democracy will have to cool their heels

Obama, Clinton, Gates know how to pick their friends. Exactly the same ones as Bush, so what is the difference between the administrations? Wall Street Journal (Adam Entous and Julian Barnes): After weeks of internal debate on how to respond … Continue reading

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BART riders can’t escape the Palestine issue

 The ad above greeted commuters passing through several major Bay Area Rapid Transit stations in San Francisco and the East Bay this week. At other stations travelers could feast their eyes on this one: The ads – professionally printed, but … Continue reading

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Rabbi who went after Helen Thomas has supported ethnic cleansing

Sorry I can’t use this contributor’s name but he/she makes some good points, to the rabbi who exposed Helen Thomas. Dear Rabbi Nesenoff, Helen Thomas has been rightfully criticized for her comments to you.  Yet you are on record at … Continue reading

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What would Obama have said about Bull Connor?

On Thursday evening, three days after the Israeli attack on the activists attempting to bring aid to the people of Gaza, Larry King interviewed President Obama on CNN.  Towards the latter part of the interview, the President was asked about … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s psyche

On Netanyahu and the Entebbe motive [for the flotilla raid]: psychoanalytic explanation was a reflex of our parents’ time. It is now is too little used. Netanyahu is the emotionally tunneled sibling of a martyr brother, son of a big … Continue reading

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It’s ’68– and who will be the Cronkite of the Jewish community?

"That’s it. If I’ve lost Walter Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America"– President Lyndon B. Johnson, February, 1968 After reading the tragic and heartbreaking news concerning the Israeli attack on the activists attempting to bring humanitarian aid to the people of … Continue reading

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Olbermann seeks non-IDF version of events

Keith did it last night. Had on as guest Edward Peck, the deputy director of the terrorism task force in the Reagan administration and passenger on one of the ships of the flotilla. Olbermann was skeptical of Israeli claims. Peck … Continue reading

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Gaza is coming home

Spotted this on my walk home from work yesterday – corner of Whitney and Trumbull, New Haven, CT.

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The new nationalism

The Times covered the Goldstone bar mitzvah controversy on its front page Saturday. See second paragraph; what does reporter Barry Bearak mean by "countrymen"?

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Nice little obfuscation from Clinton

From Haaretz: She added: "But we believe that through good-faith negotiations, the parties can mutually agree to an outcome which ends the conflict and reconciles the Palestinian goal of an independent and viable state based on the ’67 lines, with … Continue reading

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Amid heckling, BBC pulls plug on ‘Jerusalem Quartet’

Interesting piece in the Forward this week: "Jerusalem Quartet Draws Discordant Note in Britain." It is your by-now-standard harassing of an Israeli cultural presentation in London by BDS types, but with some great twists. 1) The lunch time presentation was … Continue reading

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Never ceases to fascinate me

Here’s J Street touting a Jewish democracy in the Washington Post.   And here’s the ADL quoting Justice Stevens on the separation between religion and government.

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Lawrence Wright plays it safe on Gaza

Two weeks ago on this site, Michael Ratner reviewed a play about Gaza called The Human Scale, by Lawrence Wright, a writer for the New Yorker. The show ran for four nights in NY. Well, here is another review, which … Continue reading

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BBC puts US media to shame on E. Jerusalem

The BBC puts U.S. corporate and public media to shame, violating taboos on Israel.  On “BBC World News America” last night, host Matt Frei asked Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen point-blank about the Israeli government’s announcement yesterday (news ignored by … Continue reading

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Lawrence Wright on linkage

Lawrence Wright authored ‘The Looming Tower,’ which is widely regarded as the definitive account of al-Qaeda. The book is called the ‘bible’ by intelligence operatives. Now what does this text say of the fateful triangle (Israel, Palestine and Islamic militancy). … Continue reading

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