A representation of Israeli soldiers

If this is what happens to photographers who “misrepresent Israeli soldiers,” here is my rebuttal: In the last eight or nine months, Nabi Saleh has become more and more the epicenter of military violence against non-violent protesters in the West Bank. In a situation where protesting is not … Continue reading

Friedman’s myth of P.A. autonomy

Define “peace." It takes up eight and a half columns in Volume XI of the many-volume edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. That's equivalent to about two and two-thirds full pages. A few definitions: 1. a. Freedom from, or cessation of, war or hostilities; that condition of a … Continue reading

New Orientalist Times

My initial interest in an op-ed column column about Tunisia actually appearing in the New York Times yesterday (after having ignored the entire debacle for weeks on end) was quickly tempered by the first sentence, and soon turned to outrage and ranting to anyone who would listen about the … Continue reading