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It’s not propaganda if the lenses are blue and tinged with green

Tuesday’s Guardian featured an article on JN1, a new independent Jewish TV news channel, funded to the tune of $5 million by one of the richest men in the Ukraine and another who has his own Wikipedia article: “[Vadim] Rabinovich … Continue reading

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A representation of Israeli soldiers

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Knesset member Haneen Zoabi ‘democratically’ stripped of parliamentary privileges

In May of 2010, the Mavi Marmara sailed from Turkey with the mission of reaching Gaza. Remember? I will not go into details of what may or may not have happened, or what was or was not being transported, aboard … Continue reading

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Friedman’s myth of P.A. autonomy

Define “peace.” It takes up eight and a half columns in Volume XI of the many-volume edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. That’s equivalent to about two and two-thirds full pages. A few definitions: 1. a. Freedom from, or cessation … Continue reading

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New Orientalist Times

My initial interest in an op-ed column column about Tunisia actually appearing in the New York Times yesterday (after having ignored the entire debacle for weeks on end) was quickly tempered by the first sentence, and soon turned to outrage … Continue reading

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The invisible world inside Israel

In a dream world, I would write about Palestinians in Israel. I would write about my experiences working and living in Israel, why I care and why it matters. I would talk about the myriad of perspectives, the layers and … Continue reading

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Am I allowed to be a Palestinian Jew?

Two brothers are on the couch next to me, speaking rapid Arabic and sipping their beers. Though they look white, they have no discernible accent and to my ear, their Arabic is flawless. I assume they’re Arab, even though there’s … Continue reading

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Palestinians in Israel would prefer one secular democratic state (but who’s asking them?)

I have been living in Haifa for almost six months now, working at a Palestinian NGO and more or less immersing myself in the life, culture, and politics of both Haifa’s Palestinian and Jewish citizens. In that time, I have … Continue reading

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While the US stumbles with Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, others are taking the lead

Yesterday brought us the news that the Obama administration is giving up on pressuring Netanyahu on settlements. Are they giving up, or are they just losing their edge? Apparently, “U.S. officials said they were not abandoning the peace effort altogether, just changing … Continue reading

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The (old) news from wikileaks so far – The US is Israel’s greatest enabler

That there is nothing new, or surprising, in these cables yet that we feel the need to parse through them is indicative of our frustration with the current state of affairs, leading us to believe this will be a worthwhile endeavor. Surely … Continue reading

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Now On Display: Israel’s Palestinians

My neighborhood doesn’t have street signs. And when it does, they don’t refer to names of streets anyone is familiar with. House numbers, too, are scarce. I didn’t know my own street address until yesterday – four and a half … Continue reading

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If a stranger spews hateful rhetoric in the woods in Maine, and no one’s there to hear him…

Back in September, I wrote an op-ed that was published in the Portland Press Herald (my home-away-from-home local paper) describing my thoughts on the futility of the impending negotiations between Netanyahu and Abbas. “These “negotiations” are happening only to appease and pacify … Continue reading

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