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Barbara Harvey has long advocated for human rights with such organizations as the National Lawyers Guild and the Center for Constitutional Rights. She is active with Jewish Voice for Peace.

Detroit shows its soul, as 1000 march for Gaza

A peaceful demonstration in solidarity with the suffering people of Gaza marched up Woodward Avenue in Detroit yesterday, with 1000 diverse folks in attendance.

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Fear of anti-semitism accusation did not stop Presbyterians from witnessing occupation

Why divestment passed the Presybterian church: Opponents of the divestment proposal wore t-shirts saying, “Love us, don’t leave us!” And the opposition arguments heard again and again were threats that the adoption of the allegedly “anti-Semitic” proposal would anger and alienate the U.S. Jewish community from the Church. Not one argument was heard in defense of the merits of their position. Barbara Harvey reports

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Univ. of Michigan faculty leadership deplores disinvitation of Alice Walker

A faculty group at the U of Michigan has expressed concern over the school’s Center for the Education of Women’s disinvitation of Alice Walker from a speaking gig

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Questions about the Alice Walker case

Barbara Harvey on the Alice Walker case at the University of Michigan: The sort of behind-the-scenes financial pressure that we fear may have been at work here has been responsible for decades of self-censorship in the U.S. media on this issue

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US professors organization solicits articles with argument for endorsing BDS campaign

BDS has “picked up steam,” the American Ass’n of University Professors acknowledges. We’ve been against it. But can a case be made to endorse it, it asks in request for articles

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Muslims in wealthy Detroit suburb seek a mosque (and friends join them to fight the bigotry)

Most of the West Bloomfield Planning Commission’s questions were hostile. But a coalition of religious groups stood up for the right of Muslims to have a mosque in a community with many synagogues in it

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What Americans must do to support the Palestinian commitment to nonviolent resistance

We’re not trapped. There’s a way out of the terrible conflict in Israel and Palestine

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