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‘Simpsons’ go to the ‘happiest place on earth’

When I learned the Simpsons, America’s famous cartoon family, were going to Israel (S21E16), I thought: Oy vey! The episode predictably glosses over the real Israel. All is well in cartoon Israel. The Muslims in Jerusalem are voiceless, sour-faced caricatures … Continue reading

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15-year-old killed by Israeli troops– no story

In journalism, “if it bleeds, it leads” is the axiom. When it comes to Israel-Palestine, though, stories tend to lead when the bleeding is done by Israelis, not Palestinians. Take, for example, the killing today of a Palestinian teenager and … Continue reading

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The creed of objectivity and ‘The New York Times’

Many have recently questioned just how objective the New York Times’ correspondent in Israel and Palestine, Ethan Bronner, can be when he has a son serving in the Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli army. In an article published March 28, … Continue reading

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Circulating hateful images of Muslims is ‘respectable racism’

A complete version of this piece appeared on CommonDreams yesterday. And it is on Barnabe Geisweiller’s site. We’re excerpting key portions below. In July of last year, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group, organized a mass wedding celebration for hundreds of … Continue reading

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The Gaza Freedom March

"It was meant to be a historic non-violent protest in Gaza against Israel’s blockade. But forces are quick to converge in the Middle East against those who work for peace." The author of the following report, Barnabe Geisweiller, a Canadian … Continue reading

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