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How the world can jolt Israel from its moral collapse

What are the Jewish people famous for? Is it high fashion and fine cuisine? Sorry, that would be the French and Italians. How about killer engineering? Nope, that would be the Germans and Japanese. Maybe falafel? Heck no, we stole … Continue reading

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Sedek review: Stuck on the right of return

Last June, when I wrote an article for Mondoweiss proposing a framework for a one-state solution, I didn’t anticipate that it would draw me into a series of further posts on the political and legal aspects of the Palestinian right of return.  In retrospect, … Continue reading

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Notes on international law and the right of return

My thanks to Ahmed Moor for his continuing efforts to advance the search for political solutions in Israel-Palestine, and I offer my apologies for my extended absence from the discussion. I hope to respond to his latest proposals in the … Continue reading

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Brief notes on the emerging right-wing one-state solution

Years ago I was close to relatives in the religious settler camp.  They were generally warm, generous and honest toward members of their families and communities, but unapologetically racist toward Arabs.  I remember one woman who walked miles in the … Continue reading

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Returning to the right of return

Thanks to Ahmed Moor for his thoughtful comments on my previous post outlining a possible framework for a one-state solution in Israel-Palestine.  Certainly, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be resolved – whether through the creation of one state, two states or what have you – … Continue reading

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One possible framework for a single state in Israel/Palestine

The Occupation has so far dragged on for 43 years, but I don’t think it can possibly last another 43 years, or even another decade. The world (like Mondoweiss) is increasingly focused on the injustice of Israel’s domination of the … Continue reading

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