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Bill Simonds is a concerned US citizen, physician, and lapsed Presbyterian from Maryland.

Shira Robinson speaks on ‘Citizen strangers’ at Palestine Center

In a talk at the Palestine Center on Wednesday, Shira Robinson explained that the definition of Palestinian citizenship in Israel is rooted in imperial definitions that privileged settler populations, of which Israeli Jews must be considered a living example

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‘It was clear to me as a black person just what I was seeing around me’: Report from an African-American delegation to Israel/Palestine

Last week two members of a delegation of African American journalists and artists who traveled to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories in January spoke of their experiences at a public forum held at the historic Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ (PCUCC) in Northeast Washington, D.C.

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Presbyterian minister was first martyr in abolitionist movement

A Presbyterian minister’s antislavery writings were a landmark in the abolitionist movement, and Elijah Lovejoy paid with his life. Will Presbyterians be inspired by him re Israel/Palestine?

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