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An American tours Israel, looking for the Palestine his father never knew

Boulos is a longtime friend of this site, a pseudonymous Palestinian-American scholar with a doctorate from an east coast school. Last week he sent Weiss several letters from Cairo following a visit to Israel. These emails are so powerful that … Continue reading

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‘Brown Man’s Burden’ of 1899 was prescient

Every once in a while, I return to Henry Labouchère’s poem, ‘The Brown Man’s Burden.’  It was written in 1899 and a response to another, much more famous poem.  To read it with the conflict of the last seventy or eighty years … Continue reading

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US threatens cuts in aid to its Arab friends, why not its Jewish one?

Critics of the US-Israel Special Relationship will often cite how many billions of dollars in aid the US gives the Jewish state each year and how that number dwarfs the amount given to any other country in the world. These … Continue reading

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Newspapers waffle on ‘torture’ and ‘occupation’

Many people, including me, get exercised about the New York Times’ bias in its coverage of the question of Palestine.   An article reporting the findings of a recent Kennedy School study, which showed that American newspapers essentially stopped calling … Continue reading

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Thomas Friedman caricatures the Palestinian position

Every time Thomas Friedman goes to the Arab world or the Middle East, I hold my breath. He has an uncanny knack for quoting unnamed, faceless Natives who sound a lot like dedicated readers of the Economist…or maybe of his … Continue reading

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Israel’s ‘periphery doctrine’ of non-Arab friends is in tatters

After reading Glenn Greenwald’s scathing rebuke several days ago, Jeffrey Goldberg composed himself enough to respond by inviting Greenwald to visit Iraqi Kurdistan, and let the rest of us know who is in his rolodex: "As it happens, I was … Continue reading

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Will mainline American Protestants give Palestinian Christians a voice?

B’nai B’rith has issued a statement criticizing the recommendations of the Middle East Study Committee of the Presbyterian Church USA. These recommendations include possibly withholding US military aid to Israel in order to encourage it to abide by international law as … Continue reading

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Elena Kagan thought experiment

Elena Kagan at her confirmation hearings: "As you know, I don’t think it’s a secret I am Jewish," she added. "The state of Israel has meant a lot to me and my family." How would Kagan have been received by … Continue reading

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‘NYT’ makes excuses for Netanyahu

Can it be a coincidence that just as Netanyahu is about to visit Obama, reports surface that the the un-frozen settlement ‘freeze’ continues in robust fashion ("Construction begins on 20 homes in Sheikh Jarrah"). I’m not a prophet, but I’m … Continue reading

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Goldstone missed the cut

When Israel announced the formation of an independent commission to investigate the Flotilla debacle, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs issued a statement welcoming the news and noting that "the structure and terms of reference of Israel’s proposed independent public commission can … Continue reading

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Helen Thomas (and the long, anticolonial walk to freedom)

Someone recently asked me whether I thought Helen Thomas was guilty of anything. My reactions were mixed. Emotionally, I have to admit that there was something very gratifying about what she said, however flip it was. The fourteen year old … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between incitement and patriotism?

Here you have an Israeli government minister, Vice Premier Moshe Ya’alon, praising the founder of the Stern Gang. Only a little while back, the official Israeli/hasbara talking point du jour was to beat up on Palestinians for incitement, which they … Continue reading

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The settlers’ one-state argument, or ploy

Apart from the small point that all Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories are illegal according to international law and every single settler living there is ipso facto a law breaker–something the author conveniently omits to mention–this piece by Hagai … Continue reading

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