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Bruce Wolman is a citizen journalist who has lived in Norway and the Washington area.

This is the gang that is going to save the world economy?

Cameron says the quality of the European discussion of the economy is the best he’s heard in a year, but nothing tangible will result

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Brilliant judges rule that administrative detention is copacetic

Argument that Jews are smarter smashes up against the pretzel logic employed by tyrannical judges

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Fighting Jews– then and now

My dad and his brothers were desperate to get into uniform and fight the Nazis. If Iran is really threatening a second Holocaust, how come Jewish groups aren’t urging young Jews to join the military?

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Sen. Cardin tells how he and Hillary Clinton muscled foreign ambassadors to block ‘anti-American’ Palestinian statehood

Ever heard of the American Jewish International Relations Institute? It’s part of a bipartisan Congressional Task Force concerned with how foreign governments vote in the UN on Israel/Palestine issues. The result? Before the the Task Force was established in 2006, the US exercised 41 vetoes at the Security Council on behalf of Israel, since it has only had to once.

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Israel is sucking up all the oxygen in the White House

If Obama weren’t meeting Netanyahu 9 times, and having to fend off the Israel lobby at every turn, maybe he’d be doing more about the trade deficit with China?

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The antiwar movement must rise again. Now

Why hasn’t an anti-war candidate risen to primary Obama? Too late now. But not too late for the antiwar left to mobilize

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Obama missed the point about ‘endless delay’

In case you haven’t seen it, I find Pepe Escobar’s analysis of Obama’s Middle East speech in Asia Times the most clear-eyed, convincing and on the money: “What Obama could not possibly say.” I bring one quote to your attention:

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Mamas, dont let your boychicks grow up to be pundits

You have to hand it to Hebrew School. What a training ground those late weekday sessions have shown to be. Salon produced its Hack Thirty List– “our all-star team–of the most predictable, dishonest and just plain stupid pundits in the … Continue reading

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Is this the showdown?

Someone has leaked to Haaretz "at least four steps the United States expects Netanyahu to carry out to restore confidence in bilateral relations and permit the resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians." The steps were on a list that … Continue reading

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Is Hillary’s ‘deeply negative signal’ a deeply positive signal?

The Obama Administration finally realized its credibility was in tatters after the shenanigans of this week in Israel. With the President apparently sedated and the Vice President hoarse from crooning love songs to Israel, it was decided to have the … Continue reading

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Bibi’s father says ‘enemies’ seeks ‘destruction of the Jewish people’

 Yossi Verter in today’s Ha’aretz relates some chilling words from the father of Prime Minster Netanyahu at a celebration for the the elder’s 100th birthday. One hopes that the Obama Administration knows what they are dealing with when it comes … Continue reading

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Obama kids they are not

More about that poll we mentioned on the site earlier today: Ardent supporters of Israel never tire of telling us that Israel is the only "democracy" in the Middle East. If a poll released yesterday is any indication, Israeli high … Continue reading

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It’s time to rock, Joe Biden says– and breaks out the golden oldies

Vice President Joe Biden just finished his whirlwind Israeli road show with a speech at Tel Aviv University. President Obama’s Number Two laid bare the Administration’s upcoming theme songs for the Mideast. Biden started off with a short prelude, emphasizing … Continue reading

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Oren, who won’t meet with J Street, says dialogue is essential

Chagrined Michael Oren says that he wants to go back to UC Irvine, despite being shouted down there a few weeks back. The diplomat said he understood the emotional nature of Middle East politics, but said it was also important … Continue reading

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J Street says Obama is serious (but Israeli Foreign Ministry shrugs)

J Street and the Israeli Foreign Ministry offer contrasting reactions to the just announced Israeli-Palestinian "proximity talks" – indirect talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians with the United States serving as the go-between. By summer we should know for … Continue reading

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As Biden touches down, Israel announces 112 new settlement units in stark violation of ‘freeze’

Before even landing in Israel, Vice President Biden gave an interview to the Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahroneth. It was very much on the threat from Iran and US-Israeli military cooperation, but amazingly brief on upcoming Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. According to … Continue reading

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In Israeli-Lebanese brinkmanship, the US is powerless

According to Roee Nahmias at Y-Net, "US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent a message to Beirut that Washington cannot prevent an Israeli strike in Lebanon as long as arms smuggling to Hezbollah continues." Echoing an article in the London-based … Continue reading

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Haaretz: In Iranian-Israeli brinksmanship, Obama is powerless

Aluf Benn in this morning’s Ha’aretz describes an increasingly dangerous poker game being played out over Iran’s nuclear program. With war now being threatened, "the stakes are constantly rising with the expectations that one of the players will recognize his … Continue reading

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Rahm: Just hanging on?

There was finally a shake up over at the White House this weekend. No, Rahm neither resigned nor was axed. Instead, Social Secretary Desiree Rogers became "the first high-level departure from Obama’s senior staff." WaPo spends more than enough ink … Continue reading

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Where’s BDS? Israeli firms to secure World Cup

For readers active in the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement, here is an obvious target that has been overlooked. According to today’s Jerusalem Post, "Over 30 Israeli companies are set to help South Africa secure this summer’s Soccer World … Continue reading

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Rahm: gone, or invincible

I leaned towards this interpretation also: Rahm is on his way out, and uses stenographer Dana Milbank in the Washington Post to issue a parting shot at Obama’s insider team. Or else the lobby makes him feel invincible, which would … Continue reading

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Training presidents is hard work

"It’s not just Barack Obama," by an Israel lobbyist in the Jerusalem Post. Turns out even Eisenhower repents over his Suez pressure.

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‘US Jews are tired of Israel and have no interest in racist settlers’

Haaretz has a piece saying that Israel can’t afford to reject J Street. There were quite a few comments hostile to J Street, but I found this one interesting from an Israeli in the US: Title: Clueless Israelis Name: Shoded … Continue reading

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Climbdown: Britain knew Mossad used fake passports for Dubai assassination

That’s the news from Haaretz. It’s all kabuki theater in the name of diplomatic cover. The matter will disappear from the headlines within days.

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Steve (Nightflower) Rosen gives AIPAC seal to Obama

When Steve Rosen is comfortable writing a long posting at Foreign Policy in praise of Barack Obama’s Israeli and Mideast policies ("Is Barack Obama More AIPAC than J Street?" [Yes]) it’s time to admit that banking on this Administration is … Continue reading

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