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San Francisco bus ads condemn Israeli apartheid: backlash begins

American Muslims for Palestine launched an ad campaign this week on San Francisco buses condemning Israeli apartheid. Predictably, local branches of the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee, as well as the Jewish Community Relations Council, immediately issued a statement in effect calling the ad hate speech for using the word ‘apartheid’.

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There are two liberation movements

Jewish Voice for Peace does not use the word Zionist in its messaging. Young people don’t know the word. For older Jews, it contains confused and some positive meanings

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JVP says honest talk about 1-state/2-state is good for Jews

The Forward has a profile today of Jewish Voice for Peace, “JVP, Harsh Critic Of Israel, Seeks a Seat at the Communal Table,” in which they get a lot right. But the subheader, “But Its Refusal To Support ‘Two States’ … Continue reading

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Out of answers on how to confront BDS, StandWithUs comic book portrays Palestinians (and allies) as vermin, reminiscent of Nazi propaganda

Well, the pictures really speak for themselves. StandWithUs has a new supremacist celebration of militant Jewish nationalism and masculinity children’s comic book featuring Captain Israel, who I think we can all agree looks mighty fine in a sparkly silver body … Continue reading

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Odious NGO Monitor smears Electronic Intifada, tries to cut funding

NGO Monitor was captured perfectly in The Forward by liberal jewish thinker Leonard Fine who said it was “an organization that believes that the best way to defend Israel is to condemn anyone who criticizes it.” But now, no longer satisfied with its McCarthyite efforts … Continue reading

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Jewish charity blacklists and the Israel question

What do Jewish Voice for Peace, Madre, Amnesty International, New Israel Fund, American Friends Service Committee, Media Matters and Institute for Policy Studies all have in common? There has been a growing backlash since the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation … Continue reading

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With friends like these . . .

Overheard at UC Berkeley while people were waiting to get into the room for the divestment vote: Student: "So, is Alan Dershowitz going to be here?" Akiva Tor, Israeli Consul General: "I hope not."

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UC Berkeley divestment vote–it isn’t over yet

Being a part of the tremendous coalition effort to pass a divestment bill at Berkeley was quite simply an ecstatic experience. As my colleague Sydney Levy said, "The movement grew by an enormous leap today." First, the vote itself: after … Continue reading

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Attempt to ban dissent in the Bay Area Jewish community will likely have the opposite effect

From Muzzlewatch: Here is an embarrassingly McCarthyite response to the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival’s decision to a) screen the film Rachel by Jewish-Israeli filmmaker Simone Bitton, b) invite Cindy Corrie to speak and c) ask Jewish Voice for Peace … Continue reading

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Brand Israel has failed in Toronto because ‘the issue is the product, not the marketing’

Now that Toronto Film Festival is over, we’ve asked Cecilie Surasky, Jewish Voice for Peace’s Deputy Director, to reflect on the events of the past few weeks and help put them in perspective. JVP was involved in supporting the protests … Continue reading

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