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Chas Freeman on Israel’s self-inflicted existential crisis

Last week in Washington, The National Interest held a discussion of “Israel’s fraying image” based on Jacob Heilbrunn’s piece warning that American political culture is shifting against Israel. Heilbrunn listed a number of signs: Obama’s detachment from Israel, the farcical … Continue reading

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Freeman: Israel is useless to US power projection

The other day Stephen Maher published a piece on Electronic Intifada saying that American thirst for hegemony in the region, and not the Israel lobby, is the prime motivator of US policy in Israel and Palestine. What follows is an … Continue reading

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Chas Freeman: This time apartheid has western complicity

Impolitic as it is to mention this, in rejecting the analogy with apartheid in South Africa, the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen is not only denying realities on the ground in Palestine but also the principal and most awkward difference between … Continue reading

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