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Lavish military aid has made the peace process a ‘war process’

Peter Beinart, liberal Zionist, is no different from his right wing foes in supporting lavish military aid to Israel

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Wait, why are we giving $3 billion to Israel? And why does J Street have no problem with this?

This piece first appeared on Counterpunch yesterday. But it deserves reposting: J Street, America’s premier liberal pro-Israel lobbying group, has just wrapped up its second conference in Washington. There have been sessions and panels on “building peace from the ground … Continue reading

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Exclusive: more of Biden’s keen takes on world leaders left on cutting room floor

When asked by PBS Newshour host Jim Lehrer if Hosni Mubarak was a dictator, US Vice President Joseph Biden responded, “Mubarak has been an ally of ours in a number of things … I would not refer to him as … Continue reading

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At D.C. conference, Goldstone has a defender at the top of his game

The panel on the Goldstone Report was, as expected, one of the highlights of the 104th conference of the American Society of International Law held last week in the basement of the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC. (The other highlights? Harold … Continue reading

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