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Israel’s future weapons unveiled in Paris

For the past few years, Ehud Barak has generally visited arms fairs in Paris during June to help drum up business for Israel’s weapons-makers. The exception was 2010, when the international outcry over the attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla … Continue reading

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London is turning into Israel’s laboratory in preparation for 2012 summer Olympics

The current issue of muckraking journal Private Eye reports that Heathrow Airport will have shiny new equipment for screening passengers installed with the help of several Israeli firms as part of preparations for next year’s Olympic Games. The sporting event … Continue reading

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Silence over EU science grants to Israel’s war machine

Top European Union officials seem to be in denial about how they are subsidising Israel’s war industry in the name of innovation. Although it probably won’t send pulses racing in many newsrooms, a vitally important debate is taking place at … Continue reading

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Europe’s ‘cautious’ cant on Hamas

Is the European Union about to give its blessing to the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah? There is a possibility that it will but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief, was trying to … Continue reading

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Caterpillar tries to project a caring image

Paolo Fellin, a Caterpillar (CAT) vice-president, was the main corporate speaker at a session of the European Business Summit devoted to the global trade agenda. In his presentation, Fellin posited the highly disputed theory that unfettered free trade could lift … Continue reading

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Belgian-French bank Dexia considers selling Israeli subsidiary after settlement loan controversy

The arcane world of finance is not something I normally turn to for hope or inspiration. Yet to my surprise, I was filled with both at the annual general meeting of Dexia, a Belgian-French bank.  No fewer than 45 shareholders … Continue reading

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Rumors that Israel has fallen out of favor in the EU are exaggerated

Is Benjamin Netanyahu really as tough as he would like us to believe? The prime minister’s European tour this week was restricted to Germany and the Czech Republic, two countries where he is guaranteed softball treatment from the political elite … Continue reading

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The muzzling of Israel critics in European universities

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then the activists behind Israeli Apartheid Week have been paid an immense tribute. As students belonging to Palestine support groups across Britain held events to mark the annual March event, they learned … Continue reading

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