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How can Human Rights Watch conclude an Israeli didn’t want to kill 4 boys on the beach?

Why is Human Rights Watch bending over backward to say Israel’s killing of four Palestinian boys on the beach Wed. was not intentional? Israelis never suffer consequences for killing civilians, and some Israeli soldiers have shown themselves to be brutal.

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Commencement meltdown– students are wisely rejecting elite authority

Why the rejection of commencement speakers? Because there’s no accountability for war crimes in elite life, and the students are demanding a symbolic victory, we don’t want your so-called wisdom

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Why the two-state solution never got anywhere

Liberal Zionists, self-styled opponents of occupation, say the settlements can be reversed if Palestinians would just stop threatening Israelis’ lives. That’s a fallacy.

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‘NYT’ stamps Jimmy Carter ‘radioactive’ and not ‘a force for good’

The New York Times’ Sheryl Gay Solberg says Jimmy Carter “infuriated many Jews with his 2006 book, ‘Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid’” and that Obama does not see him as a “force for good” in the conflict. In fact, he’s radioactive. So the Times participates in excommunicating Carter

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Anti-anti-semitism: How did a movement against bigotry lend itself to another form of bigotry?

When did it become an article of faith that Zionism was an inherently noble idea, and anyone who argued for Palestinian rights had to be an anti-Semite? When did a movement against bigotry, anti-anti-Semitism, begin to cover for bigotry against Palestinians?

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NYT obit of rabbi left out his urging Sharon: ‘Very simply, wipe them out’

The late Rabbi David Hartman called on Sharon to be more brutal during the Second Intifada and “wipe them out… level them.” The Presbyterian Church cited this statement in a recent report. The New York Times failed to report it in Hartman’s obit.

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Three ‘NYT’ stories propagate official Israeli narrative

‘NYT’ article calls East Jerusalem ‘a predominantly Arab neighborhood,’ failing to state that it is occupied territory

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‘NYT’ casts Israelis as victims of Palestinians who complain bitterly about oppression

Piping Israeli propaganda on Palestinian incitement, Jodi Rudoren of the ‘NYT’ quotes a pro-Israel thinktank without identifying it as such

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‘NYT’ publishes hagiographic profile of Israeli ‘philosopher-general’

NYT seems to have nothing favorable to say about Israel so it’s running meaningless stories about graffiti artists and an embarrassing hagiographic piece about a “philosopher-general”

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‘NYT’ review casts Dershowitz as lovable contrarian

Why did the Times choose as the (surprise– favorable) reviewer of Alan Dershowitz’s autobiography a writer with close connections to Israel? Do they ever assign such books to Palestinians?

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Guatemalan genocide got assist from US, Christian Right, and Israel

200,000 died in Guatemala in the 80s, in mass slaughter, mass rape, and possibly the worst human rights violation in the Western Hemisphere in the last 50 years. The US helped out, and so did Israel

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‘NYT’ quietly buries Ben Ehrenreich’s piece

We interrupt this hasbara for a message from Nabi Saleh: Sadly Ben Ehrenreich’s piece on popular resistance has merited no editorial by the Times

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‘NYT’ equates Palestinian suicide-bombers to CT school-killer

NYT suggests that Palestinian suicide bombers are like Adam Lanza, loners. They’re not, they’re social and have sought social approval

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A regular commenter on this site seeks a more temperate comment board

A regular commenter at Mondoweiss says that the intemperate climate of the comment board will put off new visitors whose presence we need

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