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Why did Obama greenlight the offensive?

Obama surely gave permission to Israel to attack Gaza. But the ending of the affair may help him detach himself from the lobby

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‘The Times’ lies about Charles Percy’s record

I noticed this obit in the NYT, which omits surely one of the things Charles Percy’s life will be remembered for, AIPAC’s successful tilt against then-Senator Percy in 1984 when he was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. How … Continue reading

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Quick to report Gaddafi’s use of ‘cluster bombs,’ the NYT called white phosphorus a ‘standard, legal weapon’ when Israel dropped it on Gaza

Editor’s note: Ed Moloney has a wonderful post at his site contrasting the New York Times’ alacrity in covering the use of cluster bombs by Gaddafi with its tardy coverage of Israel’s use of white phosphorus in Gaza during Cast … Continue reading

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Two other members of the Goldstone mission stood by its conclusions as of 3 months ago

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