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Yes, what about Syria?

Are Israel and the US waging a Zionist-imperial proxy war against the Assad government in Syria? It does not matter if they are, the people of Syria are rising

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How many of you are uncomfortable with the phrase ‘oppression of Palestinians’? In the packed room, just a few heads nodded

Celebrated British broadcaster John McCarthy was held hostage in Lebanon 25 years ago. Now he is narrating the Nakba to a sympathetic audience at the West Cork Literary Festival

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Hearts and minds, and stomachs

Get foreign foodbloggers like David Lebovitz to fall in love with Israel, and they will forgive the country if it ‘does something wrong’

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Prominent foodblogger who celebrated Israeli cuisine was hosted by org aimed at turning around country’s image

Vibe Israel is funded by granddaughter of disgraced Conservative English politician Shirley Porter. It helped pay for foodblogger David Lebovitz to trumpet Israel

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Quick– somebody lock the doors and call the ICC!

Imagine three war criminals in one room

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‘Hath not a Palestinian eyes?’: Protesters disrupt Habima performance at Globe

Yesterday, protesters disrupted a performance of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ by Israel’s National Theatre, Habima at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. The response from security and the audience was brutal leading one theater critic to write they had ‘never been in theatrical situation where I’ve felt more intimidated & surrounded by hate.’

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Aharon Appelfeld’s rage at the German language (and Arendt’s need for it)

It wasn’t the German language that went crazy, Hannah Arendt explained. Israeli prize winner calls German a language of murderers

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A tale of two festivals

Eleanor Kilroy compares Palfest and the Jerusalem International Writers Festival.

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Pinkwashing and lifestyle liberalism

Belligerent powers in the west are pinkwashing their actions, in a bath of lifestyle liberalism

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A London interruption

Things are unravelling for Israel’s apologists

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Palestinian writers call for boycott of Jerusalem int’l writers’ fest

Writers at int’l fest who tour East Jerusalem are gulty of ‘colonial voyeurism’, says Palestinian boycott committee

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Rejecting boycott, Tom Rob Smith and Tracy Chevalier prepare for Jerusalem International Writers Festival

The Jerusalem International Writers Festival is sponsored by the Jerusalem Foundation which, together with the Jerusalem municipality and settler organizations, is responsible for projects of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem.

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Israeli dramaturgist: ‘Habima theatre is an active participant in Palestinian oppression’

The Israeli national theater’s excuse for performing in Israeli settlements — we have to, by law — is being undermined

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Jerusalem writers fest requires speakers to submit speeches for review in effort to avoid criticism of Israel

Director of the writers festival, Tal Kremer, said on Monday that “in light of what happened with Nir Baram [at the 2010 festival], we asked this year’s authors to give us the text of their speeches.”

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Ozick, anti-Palestinian polemicist, is shortlisted for a big prize

Cynthia Ozick’s negative statements about Palestinians have had racist overtones, something the media overlook in covering her contention for a big literary prize

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Israeli Foreign Ministry: Exporting toxic culture

“Artists should create bridges where there is conflict,” complained Habima’s artistic director, Ilan Ronen, to the Observer two weeks ago, in response to the boycott of Israel’s national theatre company that performs in the illegal West Bank settlement of Ariel. Habima’s bridge-making offer should be treated with suspicion as it is courtesy of the Israeli state; on Thursday The Jewish Chronicle boasted that the Israeli Foreign Ministry, informed by the JC about a £10,000 funding shortfall at Habima, “has promised to make sure that any financial difficulties are covered to make sure the company is able to perform in London”.

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In which a fool snares a playwright

British playwright David Edgar refuses to sign an artists’ letter on boycotting an Israeli theater because he buys specious argument that it will end with boycott of Jewish stores

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English effort to boycott Israeli theater is likened to…. ‘Nazi book-burning’

Emma Thompson and Mark Rylance have been vilified for supporting boycott of Israeli theater group Habima invited to Globe festival

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Emma Thompson among group of prominent British actors calling on Globe theatre to withdraw invite to Israeli National Theatre

UK groups have for three months been pressing Shakespeare’s Globe to withdraw its festival invitation to Habima in response to the Palestinian call to boycott Israeli cultural institutions, and now a group of prominent actors, playwrights and directors have published … Continue reading

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Kill other peoples, but not your own

The wrong lesson from Syria: It’s OK to kill another ethnic population. But not your own.

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Coalition of Syrian artists: Resistance liberates the imagination from slavery


Translation of a statement by a coalition of prominent Syrian cultural figures that was first published in the online edition of French newspaper Le Monde at the end of January.

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Double standard for the neighbor– Paul Auster and Turkey

A fine stand American novelist Paul Auster is taking: boycott a country (in this case, in its entirety – no time for selective boycotts), and you can help expose, and attract immediate international condemnation for human rights violations. Auster to … Continue reading

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Israel’s national theater to bring ‘Merchant’ to World Shakespeare Fest in May

Unlike many post-Oslo normalization programs that claim to promote peaceful co-existence and respect the ‘Green Line’ – thereby obfuscating the reality of colonial power relations –, the case of the Israeli national theater company Habima presents event organizers and the … Continue reading

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The end of civilization: no ‘dignity’ in remaining silent at BBC Proms

In a Guardian review of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) at the BBC Proms, and referring to the boycott protests that disrupted their concert in London’s Royal Albert Hall on Thursday, classical music critic Erica Jeal praises IPO conductor, Zubin Mehta, … Continue reading

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Protesters interrupted Passacaglia w/ Beethoven (more on Israel Philharmonic protest in London)

“We will picket the Proms” promised Palestine solidarity activists who had responded to a Palestinian call for a boycott of the BBC Proms concert by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) in London.  When the concert went ahead this evening, more than 40 protesters gathered … Continue reading

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