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Estee Chandler is the Los Angeles Organizer for Jewish Voice for Peace.

I am hopeful

Stand With Us officials Roberta Seid and Roz Rothstein complain that some speakers supporting boycott of Israel at a California State University board of trustees meeting proudly self-identified as being Jewish. They say the BDS movement is anti-Semitic and ant-Israel. Estee Chandler explains that she is opposed to Jewish privilege in Israel and Palestine, and so are many other Jews and non-Jews who are involved with Jewish Voice for Peace also includes many non-Jews.

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Mandela, King, Gandhi? Jeremy Ben-Ami’s heroes are mine

Estee Chandler responds to liberal Zionist Jeremy Ben-Ami’s lament by urging one democratic state in Israel and Palestine

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The Fog of Occupation: An interview with Dror Moreh, director of ‘The Gatekeepers’


What did you leave on the cutting-room floor from your interviews of six former Israeli spies? Were you trying to save the Jewish state? And how do you rate Netanyahu? Estee Chandler grills the Israeli director of the Oscar-nominated documentary

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A witness to history: Report from the UC Irvine divestment vote

Estee Chandler writes about witnessing the historic UC Irvine vote for divestment on November 13, 2012.

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The occupation is extreme

The real threat to ending the conflict isn’t boycott and divestment, it’s those pushing expansion in the West Bank

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Angelenos remember Ziad Jilani and demand accountability

A report on a Los Angeles protest to support the family of Ziad Jilani and call for an arrest in his killing.

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