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Artist imagines return to Jewish homeland (Poland)

Yael Bartana, an Israeli artist, will represent Poland at the Venice Biennale, and her work imagines a Jewish return to the Polish homeland

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The digital occupation

After the Palestinian Territories suffered a devastating shutdown of their telecomunications last week, in both the West Bank and Gaza, Al-Jazeera English website published an informative piece by Helga Tawil-Souri on Israeli’s total and enduring control of Palestinian telecomunication. (…)Palestinian Authority … Continue reading

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A look at the ‘guardians of Israel’

Fascinating tour into bowels of Itamar, the illegal Israeli settlement, and its security arrangements after the Fogel family killings, highlighting “civilian commandos” who operate in coordination with the Ministry of Defense and therefore raising the difficulty of  classification of settlers … Continue reading

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Attack dogs of the West Bank

Just another tool for crowd control:

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‘Guardian’– Gaza girl surfer

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Universal language of oppressors, with thinktanks

 This eerily familiar phraseology was in the English language Turkish Press, 23 August 2011: Nearly 100 Terrorists Killed in Air Offensive Turkish military has said that some 90-100 terrorists were killed during the air offensive on PKK camps in northern … Continue reading

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After weeks of protests, Jordan’s King Abdullah II dismisses government

The protests, (at least at the onset) were predominantly focused on economics. Three groups that are prominent in the opposition are trade unions, islamist organizations and left-orientated activists. Jordanians blame the government for their eroding living conditions in a country where official … Continue reading

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‘For Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, receiving medical treatment is highly problematic and involves numerous obstacles. Sometimes patients are forced to opt out of treatment altogether’

A little sadistic game is being played. How much pressure must this ghetto experience before Gaza (75% of which is women and children) will grow to love Israel and overthrow Hamas? See the new report from Physicians for Human Rights-Israel: … Continue reading

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‘In my opinion, every Jewish town needs at least one Arab. What would happen if my refrigerator stopped working on a Saturday?’

Asked David Rotem, chairman of Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee after said committee approved unanimously a law that allows communities to reject potential residents if they do not meet criteria of “suitability to the communities fundamental outlook” so that … Continue reading

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Viva Palestina’s ‘Lifeline 5′ convoy reaches Gaza

Viva Palestina Lifeline 5 convoy reached Gaza today, with 140 vehicles, 300 activists and over three million pounds worth of aid. Each consecutive convoy is larger than the last one, increasing the number of activists involved (from 30 countries) and … Continue reading

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The dam is breaking?

As John Mearsheimer said recently, although the internet exposed the reality of Occupation in Palestinian Territories to many more Americans, this knowledge does not translate into political power. And I believe him. But I woke up in an optimistic mood … Continue reading

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Spade, duck, fowl, apartheid, ghetto

 Lets talk about spades. Did you know that  saying “calling a spade a spade” may have originated as an early response to political correctness? When “black as an ace of spades” was a saying in use, it was describing a … Continue reading

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Regrettable accident #1001: Another Palestinian shot in the back (this one was handcuffed)

News just in from Quds Press News Agency and more details from MiddleEastMonitor: Israeli media sources have confirmed that an Israeli soldier shot and killed a handcuffed Palestinian youth on Tuesday morning (14.09.2010) in the city of Tel Aviv. Israel’s … Continue reading

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Kafka’s siege (or why it makes sense to invest in a warehouse)

Each needle wrapper must have manufacturer’s stamp, each nail must be photographed and accounted for, every inventory line endlessly debated with Israelis…………

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Turkey convened emergency NATO meeting

The tension inside of NATO may be slow to emerge, but repercussions may be grave: either for alliance, or for Israel. Craig Murray, as usual, has an excellent overview here. Briefly: Attack by Israel on a NATO member flagged ship … Continue reading

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Turkish jurisdiction

A comment on the legal aspects of Israeli attack from Craig Murray, ex UK Ambassador and one time Foreign Office specialist on maritime law. From his website: "A word on the legal position, which is very plain. To attack a … Continue reading

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Did you know that mixing cardamom and coriander can wipe Israel off the map?

And don’t start me on the horrors hidden in halva with fruit and nuts! Chocolate endangers life and limb, but at least Israel’s greatest minds found a way of neutralizing the deadly potential of diapers and baby wipes, even if … Continue reading

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Suffer little children

"the jeep reversed for five or six metres and then rammed once again into the tractor" [Indymedia Israel report on an April incident in the Jordan valley in which two Palestinian girls, 5 and 8, were killed when an Israeli … Continue reading

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Kafka’s Apartheid

My head hurts just reading the convoluted regulations.

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